Terms & Conditions
TechBBQ Startup Program 2024


A. The Startup Program encompasses applications and participation from startups to pitch or showcase during the TechBBQ Summit (11th and 12th of September 2024). These activities coordinated by TechBBQ include: Playground for Hardware Startups; North Star Pitch; Startup Showcase; LifeScience Pitching Competition, LifeScience Startup Showcase, UrbanTech Pitching Competition, UrbanTech Startup Showcase and Tech Talent

B. The main purpose of facilitating application information, including personal data, is to be able to offer a platform at the event to boost awareness for shortlisted startups.

C. Applications will be viewed by TechBBQ team members associated with the specific activity applied for, as well as select individuals outside of TechBBQ who are part of the review process.

D. By submitting an application, you agree that:

1. You are legally permitted to do so on behalf of the company or entity you represent.

2. Your application information can be shared with the specified partner(s) of the activity (partner logos are shown with each activity) who may contact you independently (can be opted out at a later date).

a. Note: For Playground for Hardware Startups, information will be shared with DASSAULT SYSTEMES SOLIDWORKS Corporation and its affiliates, who can reach out to you separately regarding its products and services.

3. You have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for Ticket Holders.

4. You will receive marketing or communication material from TechBBQ (can be opted out at a later date).

5. You will maintain the integrity of the competition by providing truthful information and refraining from any non-genuine behaviour.

6. If selected, your conduct will keep with TechBBQ’s intention to create a safe and respectful event.

7. All selected startups are required to follow TechBBQ’s Code of Conduct while attending the event.

E. A winning startup of any past pitch competition held at TechBBQ is ineligible to apply for a pitch competition taking place in 2025.

F. Startups can only be eligible to participate in a maximum of one pitching competition where a winner is determined at TechBBQ (this refers to Playground for Hardware Startups, North Star Pitch and LifeScience Pitch and UrbanTech Pitch).

G. Pitching will take place on three stages at Lokomotivværkstedet during TechBBQ 2024.

H. All startups selected for the Startup Program will be included in a ‘Startup Catalogue’ that will be shared by TechBBQ’s Head of Investor Relation with interested investors attending TechBBQ. This can include company name; company website; industry/vertical; one-liner; development stage; company HQ location; and pitch deck. The purpose of this is to boost awareness of participating startups and help facilitate relevant connections between stakeholders.

I. All startups participating in the Startup Showcase, LifeScience Startup Exhibition, and UrbanTech Startup Exhibition are required to participate in the program and set up their showcasing booth in the required area. In the event of non-participation or early departure, TechBBQ reserves the right to fine these participants 5000 DKK.