Life Science Pitch Competition

Breaking boundaries in Life Science at TechBBQ 2023

Claim the spotlight, impress VCs, press, and partners, and get a chance to win the prize of 75.000 DKK (10.000 €) for your future growth!


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About the
Life Science
Pitch Competition

TechBBQ is thrilled to present the Life Science Pitch Competition, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation! This year, we are excited to showcase 8 remarkable Life Science startups as they take the stage to pitch their innovative ideas at TechBBQ 2023 Summit.

Who can apply?

Startups that:
  • Have an unique and promising startup based in the Nordics;
  • Have innovative product solutions with unique features.;
  • Are within Life Science.
  • Are at seed stage < 2 mio. € in funding
  • Have gained market interest i.e scaling & becoming established
Note: applications are not open to consultancies, agencies, developers, marketing/advertising agencies, or public companies.

Timeline & Agenda

Applications open:
May 15th, 2023

Deadline to apply:
June 18th, 2023

Selected startups
Mid July, 2023

Final X pitch during Summit:


Is it free to apply and participate?

Yes. Though if you are selected to pitch on stage, you will need to travel to Copenhagen (your ticket to TechBBQ is covered).

What is the prize?

The Prize money is 10.000 Euro

Will there be pitch training?

Yes. TechBBQ will arrange online pitch training to assist your preparation.

What is the pitch timeframe on stage?

Each startup pitch will be 2 minutes followed by 3 minutes Q&A with the judging panel.

Judging Criterias

Startups will be judged on each of the following 4 criteria which will be scored from 1 (low) to 10 (high):

TEAM: Team’s credential and experience

  • Is the team uniquely qualified to build this startup?
  • Do they strongly understand their customers and their industry?
  • Do they have the determination and endurance to carry this through to completion?
  • PRODUCT/SERVICE INNOVATION: The level of innovation of the product or service

  • Is this a disruptive innovation that creates a new market and/or a new value-ecosystem that displaces or radically modernizes an existing industry?
  • Is it differentiated from competitive or substitute offerings?
  • PRODUCT MARKET FIT: Proof of commercial scalability and market size to support growth and profitability

  • Are targeted customers using/buying its product/service?
  • Can the startup show their product/service will scale enough in the addressable market for sufficient growth/profit to be an attractive investment?
  • TECH FOR GOOD: The degree and reach of impact on human and planetary health

  • Is this innovative product/service addressing a significant global challenge to society and/or the environment?
  • Can this startup’s product/service have a wide-reaching impact on same?
  • Thank you for your interest!