Welcome to TechBBQ’s Founder Wellbeing Project, powered by Velliv Foreningen! We’re here to open up the conversation around mental health in the startup ecosystem, and make it easier for founders and entrepreneurs to talk more openly about the emotional toll that their work can take.

Here you’ll find a range of resources specially designed for entrepreneurs to help you get in touch with yourself, understand where you’re at, and build positive habits into your business and your daily life. We'd like to thank our partner Cecilie Willer at Today for writing the Founder Wellbeing report and the included toolkit.

The Startup Founder Wellbeing Report

Startup Founder Wellbeing Report

This report presents a combination of existing data, new interviews with founders based in Denmark, and a professionally curated set of tools to help you as an entrepreneur to build new habits.

Report and tools provided by Cecilie Willer, founder of Today, in partnership with TechBBQ.

Download the Founder Wellbeing Toolkit here!

Managing Your Emotions
Free-Flow Value Writing
Inner Motivation Reflection
Perceived Stress Scale
Practicing Self-Compassion
Tools for Your Daily Life
Suggestions for Investors
Self-Guided Reflection

Thriving Mindset Series

Below is a series of videos with TechBBQ’s Founder Wellbeing
Project Leader, Harry Justus. He talks about building positive
habits, his own experiences, and more.