TechBBQ 2021

Alexander Viterbo-Horten

Investment Director, PreSeed Ventures

At PreSeed Ventures, Alexander leads his team in investing in early stage startups based in Denmark and Southern Sweden. With well over a decade of experience, PreSeed Ventures is among the most notable early stage investors in the tech community.

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Bettina Prühs

Organizational consultant, Godt Arbejdsliv

Bettina is passionate about the creation of sustainable organizations. Her focus is on developing leaders, organizations and employees by providing analysis of the psychological working environment and counselling on possibilities for improvement.

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Jake Chapman

Partner, Alpha Bridge Ventures

Jake is a co-founder and general partner at Alpha Bridge Ventures where he focuses on Deeptech companies at the post-seed stage of development. At Alpha Bridge Ventures, they believe that the success of their companies is dependent on the health, happiness and resiliency of our founders.

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Jonas Wilstrup

COO, Abzu

Jonas is a founding member of Abzu, the Deeptech startup whose proprietary artificial intelligence, the QLattice, accelerates analysis and insights through transparent and explainable models. Today, Jonas manages Abzu’s finances, investor relations, and solutions strategies.

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Jordan French

Executive Editor, Grit Daily

Jordan is an award-winning journalist, now Founder and Executive Editor of Grit Daily - the champion of live journalism. He is also on the editorial staff at and a Fast 50, including 500-ranked entrepreneur with one sale.

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Katy Jon Went

DEI Facilitator, KJW Solutions, Pick My Brain

Katy is a public speaker and educator on gender, identity, sexuality, mental health, human rights, bias, diversity and inclusion. They’ve been the subject of TV documentaries, radio interviews, podcasts and have spoken at Festivals, Prides, Universities and TEDx.

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Maria Theresa Norn

Senior researcher (Aarhus University), Head of analysis (DEA)

Maria Theresa has been working with science, innovation and education policy for 20 years, trying to build more and stronger bridges between academic and policy spheres working within these policy fields. She is currently the Head of Analysis at the nonprofit Danish think tank DEA and a Senioer Researcher at Aarhus University.

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Sonja Sulzmaier

Managing Partner, Navispace GmbH

With vast experience in business innovation strategy and tech, Sonja and her teams have connected hundreds of techpreneurs with key industry players and investors successfully.

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Malte Hertz Jansen

Managing Director, Maker

With extensive experience in driving organizations, Malte is leading the way for physical entrepreneurs in Denmark. In the past years he has been advising companies on action-oriented strategies and is bringing physical entrepreneurship to the front of the stage in Denmark.

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Marco Suvilaakso

Founder & Principal, GrowTrail Services

Marco is an independent fitness and wellness industry expert, strategist and advisor. As CSO with Polar, he has over 19 years of experience pioneering many category firsts in FitnessTech.

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Marie Louise Conradsen

Head of Open Science, Aarhus University

Marie leads the university’s largest open platform, the ODIN initiative. Since 2016, she has developed Aarhus University’s practice of using open science as a new model for IP-free industry collaboration -within several research areas.

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Anna Søndergaard

Co-Founder/Partner, The Footprint Firm

Anna is the co-founder & CEO of The Footprint Firm, an advisory and investment company focusing on sustainability where all proceeds from the advisory business are invested in early stage impact start-ups.

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Niclas Nilsson

Head of Open Innovation, Leo Pharma

With a dedication to Open Innovation, Niclas works within the pharmaceutical industry to change towards a more collaborative and connected ecosystem thinking.

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Peter Haurum

CEO, NordicGrow

Peter is the CEO & Founder of NordicGrow, a startup that enables everybody to take part in the journey towards a local, sustainable food production with the future of urban farming technologies.

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Sirisha Adimatyam

Founder & CEO, Innovosens AB

Sirisha has a keen interest in the connection between the health care and technology fields. She has over 14 years of industry experience handling project implementations.

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Robin Wauters

Founding Editor,

A seasoned technology journalist, analyst, keynote speaker and event curator, Robin Wauters is the founding editor of, the premier source of European tech news, data analysis and market intelligence.

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Marianne Hyltoft

Director, DeepTech Fund, PSV

As Fund Director at PSV, Marianne is working on a future Deeptech VC fund rooted in groundbreaking research from thought-leading universities, such as DTU and in close collaborations with the corporate world.

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Liva Echwald

Founder, Found Diverse

Liva is the founder of Found Diverse (Formally known as Female Founders of the Future), that launched the where investors and matchmakers have formulated and signed common goals for diversity and investments in Denmark.

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Robert Siudak

Chairperson at CyberMadeInPoland (Polish Cybersecurity Cluster)

Robert serves as a Chair of the Board at the Polish Cybersecurity Cluster #CyberMadeInPoland which represents the Polish IT-sec industry. He also supports Expertise on Demand (EonD) global expert network as a Strategy and Innovation Manager.

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Adam Cheyer

Founding member of SIRI inc.

Adam Cheyer is an inventor, entrepreneur, engineering executive, and a pioneer in AI and computer human interfaces. Adam has been a co-founder or founding member of four successful startups, including Viv Labs, Sentient &

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Sebastian Diaz

Head of Accelerator, DEEP Ecosystems

With over 10 years of experience, Sebastian currently works for the LATAM startup ecosystem. He is the former CEO for Start-Up Chile, the largest and most diverse startup accelerator in the globe, where he worked with more than 1,000 tech-based startups and founders from many industries and countries.He also promotes entrepreneurship and innovation as a Professor at the Finis Terrae University.

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Cecilia Qvist

Head of Lego Ventures

As Head of Lego Ventures and previous Global Head of Markets at Spotify, Cecilia has extensive leadership experience in technology-driven environments that are undergoing transformational growth.

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Chris Sacca

Managing partner, Lowercarbon Capital

Chris Sacca is an accomplished venture investor, company advisor, and entrepreneur, managing a portfolio of technology, communication, and consumer product startups.

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David Simas

CEO, The Obama Foundation

David Simas is the Chief Executive Officer of the Obama Foundation, whose mission it is to inspire everyday people to take action, empower them to change their world for the better, and connect them so they can achieve more together than they can alone.


Frederik van Deurs

CEO & Author, Green Innovation Group A/S

Frederik is the author of "En Grøn Femtid* (A Green Future), and CEO of the Green Innovation Group. It is the mission of the Green Innovation Group to help large organisations to take part in the green transition by leveraging their business opportunities.

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Hubert Chaperon

Director, Strategy & Corporate Dev, Owkin

Hubert brings his product management and strategy experience from the industrial biotechnology industry to his current position with Owkin. Owkin believes that medical research should be collaborative, inclusive, and privacy-preserving. Today, Owkin is pioneering AI in healthcare.


Keenan Pinto

CEO, Nordetect

Keenan is the cofounder and CEO of Nordetect, a startup that produces diagnostic solutions for the AgriFood industry. He has an academic background in bioengineering and plant molecular biology, and started his career in B2B sales of lab equipment before moving on to technical development at several startups in Denmark.

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Kristoffer Rønn-Andersen

Founder and CEO, Regen Farmer ApS

Kristoffer is the Founder and CEO of Regen Farmer. He is on a mission to transition the agricultural sector to regenerative practices through digital technology.The companies first product is a digital agroforestry platform for farmers and agricultural advisors.

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Thomas Koesters

Managing Director, DEEP Ecosystems

Thomas has over 10 years of experience building startup ecosystems across Europe. He has invested over 1.4 million euros in startups. Previously, he ran a Microsoft Ventures startup program in Germany. Currently, he is the Managing Director at DEEP Ecoysystems whose mission is to put entrepreneurs in the driver seat to create a world-class startup ecosystem in their home regions and democratize innovation worldwide.

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Troels Schönfeldt

CEO, Seaborg Technologies

Troels co-founded Seaborg Technologies in 2014 while working on his PhD. He graduated from the Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagenin 2011 with a master’s degree in particle physics, in collaboration with CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and earned his PhD in neutron physics in 2015.Together with his co-founders they developed their own technology and in 2015, the young company had their first reactor design ready: The Compact Molten Salt Reactor.

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Uros Mali

Director segment Smart Sensing & Connectivity, EBV Elektronik

With more than 10 years in the semiconductor distribution business, Uros has gained a lot of experience and knowledge about various technologies including microcontrollers, sensors, wired and wireless connectivity standards as well as hardware security –all the building blocks of IoT.

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Reeta Hafner

Social Innovation Adviser, Founders of Tomorrow/DareDisrupt

Reeta is a curious mind passionate about (re)imagining futures and how this can help us to work towards better futures for people and the planet. She is a Social Innovation Adviser at DareDisrupt, as well as a Co-founder and Project Lead at Founders of Tomorrow, the non-profit educational program bridging impact-driven innovation, emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.

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Jacob Sterling

Head of Decarbonisation Innovation & Business Dev., A. P. Moller - Maersk A/S

Jacob is Senior Director, Head Decarbonisation Innovation & Business Development in A.P. Moller-Maersk. He is leading a team that is responsible for driving Maersk’s innovation and business development efforts related to the ambition of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

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Sachin Prathaban

Scientific Director, CURVEx

Sachin is the Scientific Director at CURVEx, a company focused on raising awareness about mental health and stress using a brain scanner. Prior to his current role, Sachin has been a Research Assistant at the Department of Health Technology at DTU, a Research and Insight Analyst at HelloMind, and a Junior NeuroResearcher at Neurons Inc


Morten Wagner

Head of department, FORCE Technology

Morten is a critical technology optimist, with a background in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology and cares deeply about creating new and meaningful innovations. Morten has been a product designer, developer, architect, project- and product manager and managed several national and international R&D initiatives and business collaborations.

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Sara Wallin

CEO, Chalmers Ventures

Sara is a CEO at Chalmers Ventures, one of the Sweden's most active tech investors and one of the world's highest ranked university busines incubators.She also has several board assignments such as The Swedish Agency for Economic and regional growth, Westswedish Chamber of Commerce and Gothenburg University.

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Helene Lassen Nørlem

Co-founder & CEO, Tiimo

Helene co-founded Tiimo in 2015, and they have since grown the company to 10 employees and raised over €1M in equity financing. Helene has a background in design with a strong focus on creating impactful design by involving end users.

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Malene Madsen


Malene is the CEO at Woba. Woba helps to solve the biggest health issue of modern business - long-term sick leaves. Woba`s more frequent surveys gives you predictive insights that helps HR, AMR, leaders, and teams to take meaningful action before the problems become cause of long-term sick leaves.

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Michele Colli

Industrial IoT Specialist, FORCE Technology

Michele works as an Industrial IoT Specialist at FORCE Technology -IoT, Data & Services Innovation business unit-supporting manufacturing companies in their digital innovation process,making sure that this translates into performance improvement, whether linked to production cost reduction,output increase,faster deliveries or quality improvement.


Heidi Lindvall

General Partner, Pale Blue Dot

Heidi Lindvall is a fo under and General Partner of Pale Blue Dot, an 87M EUR fund investing in early stage ClimateTech companies in Europe and US. Prior to Pale Blue Dot, Heidi has been a documentary filmmaker, startup founder as well as built accelerators and micro-funds to help entrepreneurs.

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Fred van Beuningen

Managing Partner, Chrysalix Venture Capital

Fred is an observer on the Board of Chrysailx portfolio company NanoSteel. Fred has worked as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board member for international industrial companies and as innovation lead. His international industry experience spans Europe and Asian sectors ranging from oil & gas, chemicals and industrial gas to packagingand logistics.

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Jarek Owczarek

Founder & CPO, Contractbook

Jarek is founder at Contractboook and is an expert on distributed work culture, cross-functional product teams and the future of work. In the past, he has worked with big brands like Danske Bank, Telenor or Maersk and leads superior teams to help them set the standard for high performance and quality design.

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Tony Beltramelli

CEO & co-founder, Uizard

Tony is the co-founder and CEO of Uizard, a startup developing AI-powered tools to transform the way people design software. Tony's past work on applications of AI has been recognized globally and featured in international media such as WIRED, Forbes, The Huffington Post and The Next Web. He was shortlisted in Forbes' 30 under 30 2019 list.

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Sara Rywe

Investor, byFounders

Sara is an investor at byFounders where she oversees their investments in Scandinavia. She has also worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and led the global strategy implementation at Danske Bank.

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Jonas Gyalokay

Co-Founder & Chairman, Airtame

Jonas is co-founder & chairman at Airtame which he started with his two co-founders back in 2013 with the mission to empower people to accomplish more when using screens together. Jonas served as CEO for 8 years before he decided to take an active chairman role and pass on the CEO baton.

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Claes Mikko Nilsen

Investment Director, NordicNinja VC

Claes Mikko is the investment director at the Nordic & Baltic fund NordicNinja VC. He is an angel network expert and previously co-founded and worked as the first director of Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN). He is also managed the "Nordic angel Dating service" as the Managing Director of Nordic Business Angel Network (NordicBAN) and has been part of developing Slush's Investor Day concept.

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Jesper Grønbæk

Founder & CEO, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Jesper Grønbæk has helped software companies grow, scale, and internationalise the last 20 years. Jesper started his worklife as a management consultant, and later spent 10 years with Microsoft. Most recently, he has spent the last 3 years analysing, gathering & developing the Danish Health Tech ecosystem.

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Kremena Tosheva

Investment Associate, SNÖ Ventures

Kremena is an early-stage tech investorat SNÖ Ventures. Prior to joining SNÖ Kremena spent two years on the investment team at Agera Venture and has served on the board of several startups as well as Alliance Venture Spring.

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Kim Baroudy

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Kim is a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company, the leader of McKinsey’s TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecom) Practice. He is also standing behind launching ‘FUEL by McKinsey’proposition in Europe which today helps startups and investors accelerate growth through consulting services, capability building, and connections, tailored to startups' timelines and the need to scale fast.

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Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen

CEO & Founder, ReFlow

Rasmus is the CEO and founder of Reflow. Reflow is a tech-startup offering digital tools and consultancy for industrial stakeholders to harvest the benefits of sustainability / circular economy. Rasmus has a strong interest in environmental quantification with blockchain and AI.

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Jeppe Rindom

CEO & Co-founder, Pleo

Jeppe is the CEO and Co-founder of Pleo, a company spending platform. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Pleo has also opened up offices in London, Berlin, Stockholm, and Barcelona. Over the six years, Pleo has raised more $220M in venture capital.

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Taylor Ryan

Founder and CEO, Klint

Over the last 5 years, Taylor has built and scaled the marketing departments of some of the most successful start-ups to come out of Denmark resulting in 4 exits [2 acquisitions, 1 merger, and 1 IPO]. Currently he runs Klint, an award winning Digital Marketing and Growth-Hacking Agency.

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Casper Harlev

Co-founder and CEO, Sensohive ApS

Casper is the CEO and co-founder of SensoHive Aps Casper is an entrepreneur by heart and has spent the past 5 years engaged in his last venture with two other strong co-founders. He is passionate about building up the commercial side of a very technically founded business.

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Klavs Hjort

SVP, Growth & Impact, Danske Bank

Klavs is responsible for Danske Banks activities in Nordics towards startups and scaleups. His team create solutions for startups across Nordics that want to scale their business and make a better world. They believe that these companies will be important for the Nordic economy going forward and that they will be able to create solutions to global challenges that is essential for all of us.

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Nora Bavey

General Partner, Unconventional Ventures

A DEI thought leader and an award-winning serial entrepreneur, Nora has international experience working with corporates and startups and is a Co-founder of Nordics' first-ever digital accelerator for diverse founders.

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Mads Klarskov Petersen

COO, PreSeed Ventures

Mads is the COO at PreSeed Ventures. Mads' previous roles include VP People and Culture at e-conomic, where he developed and built a scalable organization. He sold to HG Capital in 2013 and Visma in 2015.

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Nethaji Gallage

CEO and Founder, Octarine

Nethaji is the founder and CEO of Octarine.She is a world renowned plant biochemist and synthetic biologist. She also gained significant business experience through her role in business development at River Stone Biotech, a synthetic biology company she was involved in starting.

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Nico Blier-Silvestri

Co-Founder, Platypus

Nico Blier-Silvestri is the CEO & Co-Founder of Platypus, a computer software company whose mission is to bring data into the cultural aspect of organizations, giving the tools to act and impact ta company’s culture. Additionally, Nico is a strategic advisor at Practica Capital, the most active seed funding VC in the Baltic region.

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Sofie Blakstad

CEO, hiveonline

Sofie is the author of the groundbreaking book Fintech Revolution and CEO and founder of hiveonline. Sofie also advises international organisations including the UN, NGOs, Central Banks and commercial banks and chairs the FI and Fintech Industry Advisory Committee for the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

game changer

Suzanne Lauritzen


Suzanne Lauritzen is professionally brought up in the Tech Consulting and Dotcoms of the 1990s. She is the founder of LogBuy (Nordics & UK) in the early 2000s - an Employee Engagement Platform. Today she is the CEO and Co-founder of venture-backed, inventing the future of Enterprise Search based on AI first.


Jennifer Montague

Director of Marketing, Dixa

Jennifer is a published author, marketing thought leader and prominent public speaker who has spent her career growing brands through strategic digital campaigns.She is currently the Director of Marketing at Dixa, one of Europe’s fastest growing tech startups headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Rolf Kjærgaard

CEO, Vækstfonden

Rolf is the Chief Executive Officer of Vaekstfonden. Previously, he was Chief Investment Officer of the fund from 2015-2019. Before he joined Vaekstfonden in 2002, Rolf held positions as National Expert in the European Commission and special consultant in the Ministry of Business and Growth

future of work

Erik Balck Sørensen

Managing Partner, Direct Investments, Vækstfonden

Erik is the Managing Partner, Direct Investments at Vækstfonden. With over 15 years of experience as CEO or VP, Erik currently sits on 6 different baords. A seasoned dealmaker with international experience, he is also a business advisor and angel for start-ups.

future of work

Amy Lewin

Deputy Editor, Sifted

With over 6 years of experience in media, Amy is a London-based journalist reporting on startups and tech in Europe and the Deputy Editor of Sifted. Sifted is an FT-backed publication covering European startups and tech.

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Cassidy Shell

Research Associate, Cleantech Group

Cassidy leads transportation & logistics research at Cleantech Group. Her experience also includes providing corporate clients with market intelligence to inform strategic decisions, including market landscaping, competitive analysis and due diligence.

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Christian Tost

General Partner, People Ventures

Christian has a background as an operator with a successful exit under his belt. At People Ventures, his profound experience in building and managing companies combined with his strategic mindset benefits the growth and scale of our companies daily.

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Heini Zachariassen

Founder, Vivino

Heini is Vivino’s Founder . Before starting Vivino, Heini co-founded several startups, including global internet and mobile security company BullGuard. Heini, who was been named Entrepreneur of the Year by GP Bullhound in 2020, leads the team from Vivino’s European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

future of work

Bertram Thorslund

CEO & Founder, Lenus eHealth

Bertram Thorslund, 29, is the founder and CEO of Lenus eHealth - a health tech company dedicated to reversing a global decline in health and wellness. The unique Lenus technology platform and team enables health and fitness professionals to scale their business significantly without sacrificing quality.

game changer

Anna Sirunian

Software Engineer, Maersk

Anna is a software engineer at Maersk. Prior to her role at Maersk, Anna has worked as a software engineer at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability in Kongens Lyngby, as well as an analyst at MetLife in Kyiv. She holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Donbas State Engineering Academy.

game changer

Richard Georg Engström

Co-founder & CEO, Impact Matcher

Richard is a leading matchmaker for Nordic impact startups and global investors and is the co-founder and CEO of Impact Matcher. Richard is also working as an advisor, entrepreneur and investor in solutions with the purpose to improve or systemically change the world to be more balanced, equal and prosperous for each and everyone.

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Dorethe Nielsen

Vice President, Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk

Dorethe is the Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy. A firm believer in circular economy principles, she leads Novo Nordisk’ new ambition of zero environmental impact “Circular for Zero”. Dorethe joined the Novo Group in 2000 and has held several managerial positions within the company.

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Jannik Lawaetz

CEO and Co-founder, LuggageHero

Jannik Lawaetz is the founder and CEO of LuggageHero, a growing network of affordable luggage-storage sites that operates in more than 40 cities in North America and Europe. He has previously helped launch several Danish tech startups, including an event platform for triathletes and a fitness and nutrition portal.

game changer

Hampus Jakobsson

General Partner, Pale Blue Dot

Hampus is a General Partner at Pale Blue Dot. Prior to co-founding the fund, Hampus was a prolific angel investor with over 100 investments worldwide, and before that he built and scaled two startups. He did a 2 years stint running M&A at Blackberry as a result of his first company being acquired.

future of work

Julie Kronstrøm Carton

Co-Founder, MATE.

Julie is the co-founder, sustainability officer and Head of PR. International Speaker. She is a former Associated partner and futurist with Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies where she focused on mega trends, future urban societies, sustainability and innovation.

game changer

Lisa Mallner

AI Investment Manager, Copenhagen Capacity

Lisa has spent close to a decade in the innovation ecosystem between the Nordics, Middle East, and Asia. In addition to AI Investment Manager at Copenhagen Capacity, Lisa works at Innovation Lab Asia helping connecting startups to opportunities across Asia, and is an organizer of Nordic AI.

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Mathilde Jakobsen

CEO & Co-founder, Fresh.Land

Mathilde is a food activist and the CEO & co-founder of the award winning Danish scale-up, Fresh.Land, which disrupts the food industry. Mathilde is also appointed member of the taskforce “CEO Commitment” advising the Danish government on digitization, together with CEO’s of the Danish business elite such as Ørsted, Coloplast and COWI.

future of work

Ole Winther

CTO / Professor,

Ole is the CTO and Co-founder of, where he is heading the AI Development department. He is also a Professor in Data science and complexity at the Technical University of Denmark and Professor in Genomic Bioinformatics at University of Copenhagen.


Rasmus Lund

Investment Partner, Nordic Alpha Partners

Rasmus is an investment partner with Nordic Alpha Partners looking for ambitious technology companies leveraging the green transformation. Nordic Alpha Partners invest capital and provide hands-on advice with the aim of helping SME companies become global winners.

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Eddie Walker

Founder & Managing Director, Whyre

Eddie is the founder and managing director at Whyre. In addition to his work at Whyre, he is also an executive advisor at KOKO, launching in Spring 2022. Eddie has 15+ years of commercial strategy experience, working at the intersection of culture, entertainment, technology and design.

game changer

Henrik Brink

CEO, Ento Labs

Henrik is the CEO and co-founder of Ento Labs. Previously, Henrik co-founded with a group of fellow physicists, computer scientists and statisticians from UC Berkeley. He is organising communities and events through DataCPH, Nordic.AI and recently Aarhus AI.

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Kasper Lund

Co-founder and CEO, Toit

Kasper is the CEO of Toit. He is a virtual machine aficionado and an expert on the design and implementation of programming languages. In 2018, he started Toit with a handful of colleagues and began tackling the software challenges for the internet of things.


Rachel Browning

Client Relationship manager, Nasdaq

Rachel completed her MBA at CBS and spent a few years researching impact investing. She is now at Nasdaq helping to further build tools that help with investment decision making for good.

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Sidsel Hougaard

Innovation Fund Denmark

Sidsel has extensive experience with public soft funding, currently as VP of Entrepreneurship & Startups in Innovation Fund Denmark. In her position, she is working to widen the funnel and increase the diversity among knowledge-based startups in Denmark.

future of work

William F. McKeon

President & CEO, Texas Medical Center

William is the President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center. Previously, William served as an executive for some of the leading companies and institutions in the world, including DuPont, Stanford University Medical Center, Raytel, US Oncology and Medtronic.

future of work

Bertram Thorslund

CEO & Founder, Lenus eHealth

Bertram is the Founder & CEO at Lenus eHealth. Lenus eHealth is a B2B technology and innovation company providing cloud-based software solutions (SaaS) to a broad variety of health professionals, including doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and fitness coaches. Previously, he was a Business Analyst for Sales Director at IBM.

game changer

Birgit M. Liodden

Founder & Chief Mermaid, The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL)

Birgit is the Founder & Chief Mermaid at The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL). With over 15 years of experience, she is a self-made serial entrepreneur and business activist who has worked to push sustainability, entrepreneurship, next generation & diversity across the maritime industry.

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Christian Marcus

Program Manager, GreenUP Accelerator, Futurebox

Christian has more than 20 years of experience in various positions in strategy and business development, innovation, and sales. Today he runs the GreenUP Accelerator –a 20 month program for climate tech startups at Futurebox.

future of work

Gulnaz Khusainova

Founder & CEO, Easysize

Gulnaz Khusainova is currently the Founder and CEO of Easysize, a B2B SaaS company disrupting fashion e-commerce. .Prior to Easysize she founded and exited 2 startups in the technology and e-commerce space.

future of work

Maria Skotte

Director, CLEAN

Maria is currently a Director at CLEAN, the Danish environmental cluster. Prior to this role, Maria has worked at CLEAN as Head of Department, Environment and Smart City and as Chief Project Manager.

future of work

Thor Rowland Haugaard

Senior Business Developer, Contractbook

Thor is a Senior Business Developer at Contractbook; a rapidly growing SaaS solution founded in Copenhagen in 2016.He previously worked within Customer Success and later as Solutions Architect, scoping and building custom no-code automations.


Anders Mynster

Head of department - IoT technology, architecture and data, FORCE Technology

Anders has been working as a specialist in wireless communication and IoT at FORCE Technology for 14 years. In addition to being a senior consultant within wireless and EMC, Anders serves on the board of FORCE Technology as the employee representative.


Mads Stolberg-Larsen

Co-founder and CEO, ZTLment

Mads is the co-founder and CEO of ZTLment and a specialist in business applications of smart contract software.Before starting on the journey with ZTLment, Mads worked at the Danish B2B platform unicorn, Tradeshift.

game changer

Peter Lodahl

Professor, Niels Bohr Institute and Sparrow Quantum

Peter is a professor in quantum physics and technology at the Niels Bohr Institute. He is the Director of the Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q)and the Novo Nordisk Foundation center for Solid State Quantum Simulators.


Robin Daniels

CMO, Matterport

Robin is CMO at Matterport. Before joining Matterport, Robin was CMO at WeWork and held leadership positions at LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Box, and works with many start-ups as an advisor and mentor.

future of work

Torsten Kolind

Founder and CEO, YouNoodle, Inc.

A bioinformatics engineer by training, Torsten co-founded YouNoodle in San Francisco. He has judged startup programs at Stanford University, MIT, and Imperial College, and has written opinion pieces for both Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine.

future of work

Olivier Corradi

Founder, CEO, Tomorrow

Olivier is a statistician, data scientist and entrepreneur. He created the electricityMap in 2016, and later the same year founded Tomorrow, where he dedicates most of his time as CEO.

unleashing impact

Casper Wilstrup

CEO, Abzu

Casper is a founder and the CEO of Abzu. He has over 18 years of experience building large scale systems for data processing, analysis, and artificial intelligence.


Henrik Føhns

Podcast editor, Techtopia / IDA

Henrik is an award winning editor and the anchor of the podcast Techtopia reporting on digital technology and futurism. He also serves as a board member for Additionally, he is the author of the book "Den Globale Puls" (The Global Pulse).


Michael Eis


Previously an investment banker, Michael is the founder and CEO and the co-founder and chairman of the Danish Crowdfunding Association. Furthermore Michael is the ‘captain’ of IværksætterSkibet.

game changer

Theodor Nielsen

Founder & CEO, NIL Technology

Theodor is the CEO and Founder, NIL Technology ApS. He holds an engineering masters degree from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) where he has specialized in nanotechnology.


Tommaso Maschera

Ventures Associate, Plug and Play

Tommaso is a Ventures Associate at Plug and Play and is part of the Founding Team. As an investor, Tommaso has backed high-growth startups in the Food, Sustainability and climate-tech, as well as Enterprise Technology industries.


Troels Steenstrup Jensen

Head of Machine Learning and Quantum Technologie, KPMG Denmark

Troels works as Head of Machine Learning and QuantumTechnologies for KPMG.His education includesa PhD in theoretical quantum mathematics and he particularly enjoys the combination of mathematics, statistics, physics and computer science.


Amandeep Midha

Principal IT Consultant, BEC Financial Technologies

Amandeep is the Principal IT Consultant at BEC Financial Technologies. His assignments over the years have varied from grasping stakeholder needs to building complex software products in shortest time in highly regulated Telecom/Banking systems landscape, and leading & mentoring teams of engineers.

future of work

Goran Vuksic

Technical Manager, Stratiteq Sweden AB

Goran works as a Technical Manager for Stratiteq, he is Microsoft AI Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), he has more than 15 years of work experience in the IT field.

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Igor Carron

CEO, LightOn

Igor is the CEO of LightOn. Before holding this position, Igor worked in a variety of positions and projects spanning from the energy to the space sectors. Igor holds a Ph.D from Texas A&M University and an Engineering degree from Grenoble INP.

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Jörg Hübner

Director, National Centre for Nano Fabrication and Characterization, DTU (Nanolab)

Jörg has worked as consultant for several start-up companies. In 2005 he became Deputy Director at the Department of Micro-and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark a position he held until 2009 when he was appointed Director of DTU Danchip, the National Center for Micro-and Nanofabrication in Denmark.


Mads Andreas Olesen

CEO, Founder,

Mads is CEO and Co-Founder of FinTech startup, Previously, he was recognized as the youngest executive in the utility sector in the danish history and was listed on Forbes Under 30 .

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Roelof Pieters

CTO & Cofounder, Overstory

Roelof is the CTO & Cofounder of Overstorys. Before Overstory, Roelof founded a generative AI startup and Sunshine Labs. He is also the founder of, ran various open science initiatives like GitXiv and Ethical Machines.

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Xavier Sarra

Founding Partner, 4P Capital

Xavier is the founding partner at 4P Capital. He has a background of close to 30 years in scaling and exiting digitally driven marketing agencies and 10 years of angel investing.

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Thea Messel

Founder and Managing Partner, Unconventional Ventures

Thea is the founder of Unconventional Ventures, an early stage VC that invests in scalable tech startups with positive impact at the core, from the Nordics, at the pre-seed/seed stage targeting global market opportunities, underrepresented founders.

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Shereen Zarkani

Head of Maersk Growth, Maersk Growth

Shereen is heading Maersk Growth. Maersk Growth invests in and partners with promising startups by placing strategic bets in emerging business models and technologies and injecting them with our unique ‘rocket fuel’ to unlock growth.

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Hanne Jarmer

CEO & Founder, Go Dogo

Hanne is the CEO and founder of Go Dogo, whose mission is to create a deeptech pettech solution that will make dogs happy, mentally healthy and more confident. She has a strong background as a scientist at the Technical University of Denmark in the fields of molecular microbiology and bioinformatics.

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Britta Gruenig

Chief Impact Officer and Coach, LUMO Labs

Britta is the Chief Impact Officer and Coach, LUMO Labs. She is in charge of the impact framework and coaches the founders in its two-year venture builder program, integrating impact into the whole investment process to provide value to both the impact tech startup founders and the investors.

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Cecilie Willer

Executive Coach & Founder, Today

Cecilie is founder of Today. She has coached more than 100 founders and teams, and is specialized in founder/team psychology and is working with some of the largest VC's, CVC's, Funds and Startups/Scaleups and has over 13 years of experience in the techspace growing CEOs and teams.

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Palak Sehgal

CTO, Nordetect

Palak Sehgal is the cofounder and CTO of Nordetect, a startup that produces diagnostic solutions for the AgriFood industry.Prior to founding Nordetect, she has worked with biomedical product development and has an academic background in plant genetics and biotechnology engineering.


Martin Jensen

Expert, Maersk

Martin was educated as a navigator and a marine engineer, and has been sailing container vessels for Maersk from 1999–2017. In the last 4 years aboard the vessels, Martin was the chief engineer. Now, he's getting data home from 300 vessels & creating an app to reduce fuel consumption.

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Louise Bech Junge

Owner, CrowdNerds

Louise Bech founded CrowdNerds in 2019 to spread the word on crowdfunding as an alternative route to success.Today, she works with companies in creating successful crowdfunding campaigns as well as write articles, host webinars, and teach on the art of crowdfunding.

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Kristina Maria Madsen

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Aalborg University Business School

Kristina Maria Madsen, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at Aalborg University Business School with a research interest in the intersection of business design thinking, strategic design and game-based methods.

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Klara Ritter

Associate, Proptech 1 Ventures

Klara is Investment Associate at Proptech1 Ventures. Prior to joining Proptech1 she gained professional experiences in the FMCG industry, the tech industry and found here passion in Venture capital during working as a VC Analyst at SIGNA Innovations.

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Katherine Foster

Director & Fellow, Open Earth Foundation and Social Alpha Foundation

Katherine is the Community Director of the Open Earth Foundation (USA), the Social Alpha Foundation Fellow and a lead author on the UN Task Force Dialogue Technical Papers on Digital Currency and Big Fintechs Impacts on Sustainable Development.

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Mette Fløe Nielsen

CEO, M.I.L. Invest

Mette is CEO of M.I.L. Invest, a privately owned investment vehicle. She uses her 15+ years of experience within the digital sector to aid businesses scale and develop their impact. Mette works as an investor and advisor of businesses offering a product or solution within the area of Sustainability.

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Jenifer Clausell Tormos

CEO and Founder, Develop Diverse

Jenifer is the CEO and Founder of Develop Diverse, based in Copenhagen and founded in 2017 with the vision to create equal opportunities by normalizing diversity using tech. Today, Develop Diverse is used by companies in more than 35 countries across 5 continents.

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Jasmina Pless

Head of Entrepreneurship, Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv)

Jasmina is Head of Entrepreneurship at the Danish Chamber of Commerce since May 2021. Previously she has worked as Chief Consultant at the Chamber. Her extensive experience in the sphere of finance is based on her work at the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

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Dora Palfi

Co-founder & CEO, imagiLabs

Dora Palfi is the Co-founder and CEO at imagiLabs, a startup that creates mobile-first tools and a community for creative coding specifically for teenage girls between 9-15.

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Angela Timofte

Director of Engineering, Trustpilot

Angela Timofte is the director of engineering at Trustpilot. Her previous professional experience include working as a software developer at Microsoft and Continental.


Alexandra Ciobotaru

Product Manager, Novoresume | Femme Lead Podcast Host

As a Product Manager, Alexandra has has driven the product and business-planning process cross-functional teams.Her current objectives includeanalyzing customer needs, refreshing current market trends, examining product requirements, and developing appropriate programs to ensure their successful delivery.

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Sherry List

Azure Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft

Sherry List is an Azure Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft. She is also the Chairwoman of the Board at Hack Your Future Copenhagen.

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Rina Yahya

Head of Events and Communications, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Rina is a fun, fabulous, and fierce facilitator and moderator with 8 years of relevant experience. She is a native Californian, who accidentally learned Danish in 2013 for 1 year at the University of California Berkeley, before pursuing her MSc. Engineering at Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

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Natasha Friis Saxberg

CEO, Danish ICT Industry Association

Natasha is a digital strategist, entrepreneur and author. She is the deputy chairman at the Foundation for Social Responsibility thus Innobooster at the Innovation Fund Denmark, and board member in several companies.


Julie Høi-Nielsen

Attorney, Director (MBA), Mazanti-Andersen

Julie is an attorney-at-law and director at Mazanti-Andersen who just finished her Executive MBA. She is specialised within fund formation and venture investments with a particular focus on ESG and Impact.


Frederikke Antonie Schmidt

Founder & Creative Director, Roccamore

Frederikke Antonie Schmidt has founded Roccamore with a mission to make more women stand strong and take their place in the world. She also sits on ByFounders Collective, the Board of Representatives for Kolding Design School and as Chairman of the government's Restart Team for Fashion & Textile.

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Camilla Ley Valentin

Co-founder & Board Member, Queue-it

Camilla co-founded Queue-it, a growth stage Danish based technology company, and today serves as a Board Member of the company. In addition to this she holds various external board positions, including the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden) and TechBBQ.

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Toni Hohlbein

CEO, Growblocks

Toni is a Co-Founder of Growblocks. At Growblocks he is productizing his years of experience in scaling revenues in B2B SaaS to help companies build a consistent revenue growth engine. Before that, Toni worked for and Planday leading their revenue growth efforts for the past 10 years.

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Rokas Peciulaitis

Managing Partner, Contrarian Ventures

Rokas Peciulaitis is a Founder and Managing Partner at Contrarian Ventures. Before Contrarian Ventures he was an inflation and exotic derivatives trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch based in London. He is also a Chairman of the Lithuanian Venture Capital Association and a board member of the non-profit organization Vilnius Marathon.

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Mik Strøyberg

Founder, CEO, Good Monday

Mik Strøyberg is the founder and CEO at Good Monday. The last 18+ years has predominantly been used on scaling companies, overseeing product marketing, building organizational structures and organizations and executing all elements of various commercial approaches.

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Lisa Gautier

CEO & Founder,

Lisa Gautier is the CEO and founder at Her impressive career has lead her to working at Spotify as a Product & Partner Marketing Consultant, and freelancing as a art director in in digital communication, branding and product design.

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Kasper Hulthin

Director, Future5

Kasper is the co-founder of Podio and Peakon acquired by Citrix and Workday respectively. After a few years in San Francisco and later New York, Kasper and his family moved back to Denmark, where he has now established Future5.

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Ilkka Kivimäki

Founding Partner,

Ilkka is a Co-founder and Partner at, an €80 million fund investing in early-stage deep techs and distinctive brands. Prior to, Ilkka has worked as CEO and Co-Founder of Wicom Communications, which was sold to SAP where he later served as Senior VP.


Thomas Vasehus

Vertical Lead, Consumer, Lunar

Thomas is Vertical Lead of Lunars Consumer product and he and his team scope, build and ship products that truly value the users. Thomas is responsible for the commercial performance and product roadmap and he has been a part of the introduction of +80 new products and growing the user base with +300%.

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Parag Mittal

Founder & CEO, ConnectedYou

Currently Founder and CEO at ConnectedYou, Parag is an innovator, investor, speaker and proactive dedicated management professional with over 12 years of experience. Previously Chief Commercial Officer at Soracom.

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Michael Birkebæk Jensen

Partner & NewTech Lead, KPMG Denmark

Michael B. Jensen has 13 years’ experience within technology consulting. In KPMG, he heads up an elite team of individuals, delivering projects with Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, NewTech Strategy, Operating model design, Opportunity Assessment and executive education.


Kuan Tan

Chief Technology Officer, IQM Quantum Computers

Kuan holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales and is an experimental physicist by training. Prior to founding IQM, he was a scientist working on various quantum computing technologies.


Kim Balle

CEO, and

Kim is the co-founder and CEO of Part of his professional experience is that Kim is also the co-founder and CEO of Global StartUp Awards, which provides spotlight foicus to web/tech startups in 26 countries across the globe.

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Jacob Schioldan

Customer Success Lead at Pleo, Pleo

Jacob is an experienced customer success leader, with experiences from both startup, scaleup and enterprise.Now at Pleo, he and the rest of the Customer Experience team are contributing to making everyone feel valued at work.

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Andreas Cleve

CEO, Corti

Andreas is one of the co-founders of, one of the leading artificial intelligence companies working in global healthcare. Andreas has been working in the healthcare sector for over a decade, first founding Ovivo, which was later sold to EG A/S, and in 2016 he co-founded Corti.


Eric-Alan Rapp

Partner, Agrifood and Energy, VF Investments, Vækstfonden

Eric-Alan is a partner in the Direct Investments team at Vækstfonden(VF), the sovereign Danish investment fund. Prior to joining VF, he served four years as Co-founder and CEO of Homemate ApS, a multi-channel Copenhagen-based consumer food company.

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Jeff Aksengor

Global Director of Growth, Podimo

Jeff is Global Director of Growth at Podimo and has helped build and execute growth strategies for tech start-/scaleups for nearly a decade. He believes that every company is different and the growth strategy must follow that rhythm.

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Rasmus Schmiegelow

CEO, Goodiebox

Rasmus is co-founder and CEO at Goodiebox leading a team of +130 amazing people in Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam and Berlin.With +200,000 members in 9 European countries and proven ability to scale efficiently, Goodiebox is establishing itself as the European leader in the beauty subscription box category.

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Sam Edge

Head of EMEA FinTech Business Development, Startups and Venture Capital, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sam is currently the Fintech Startup & Venture Capital Business Development - EMEA Lead at Amazon Web Services. Part of his prefessional experience includes the role of Vice President of Investment at Oxford Entrepreneurs from Sep 2017 to Sep 2018.

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Tommy Ahlers

Member of Parliament, former CEO of Podio and ZYB

Former CEO of Podio & ZYB and recent Minister for Science &Technology in Denmark,Tommy is a rare founder x politician cross-over. More than that,he has also invested in over 15 companies in the Nordic region,and acted as the former Chairman for Peakon and Lix.

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Tine Tuxen Løvstrand

Information Security Advisor, TineTuxen ApS

Tine is an independent information security advisor. Tine has a working experience of more than 15 years within information security and more than 25 years in IT. She has knowledge and experience within governance, risk and compliance with 10+ years of working experience.


Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz

Senior Writer, New York Magazine

Sangeeta is a senior writer at The Cut NY magazine. Her extensive experience in the field of journalism also includes an editorial and reporter position at Quartz from 2018 until present. Previous experiences include fundraising at the Borgen Project.


Pauliina Martikainen

Investment Director,

Pauliina is an investor working with deep tech and brand-driven technology companies at pre-seed, seed and series A stage across Europe. Before joining, Pauliina co-founded Wave Ventures, a pre-seed VC fund investing across the Nordics.


Maria Flyvbjerg Bo

Senior VP, Silicon Valley Bank

Maria is the senior vice president and relationship manager at Silicon Valley Bank. Her professional journey has brought her to assume positions as interim CEO at Canute and interim head of acceleration at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship.

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Lucas Nygaard

CEO & Co-Founder, Hololink

Lucas is CEO & co-founder of Hololink, a platform for creation and distribution of interactive, web-based, augmented reality experiences. Previously Lucas was Head of Expo at CopenX, Scandinavias largest VR/AR conference.

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Hatla Færch Johnsen

CEO & Co-Founder, uQualio

Hatla is the co-founder of uQualio® which she today heads as CEO. She has over 20 years experence working with business development, strategy, communication, change and project management, IT, pharma, business & engineering consulting.

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Thomas Crouzier

CSO, Cirqle Biomedical

Thomas is a co-founder and CSO of Cirqle Biomedical. During his stay at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden), he has developed a mucus reinforcing technology which was translated into a new mechanism of action for a female contraceptive. z


Tanja Schjellerup

Founder, Skolen Online ApS

Nominated for Nordic Women in Tech 2021 & Reimagine Education Awards 2021 and having attended Creative Business Cup top 5 finals 2020, founder of Skolen Online Aps, Tanja has demonstrated great passion for entrepreneurship, Edtech and the educational area.

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Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen

Partner, Maersk Growth

Peter is a Partner at Maersk Growth, the venture arm of the Maersk Group. In his role as an investor, Peter looks to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses who are digitising, democratising and decarbonising supply chains.

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Mads Fibiger Rasmussen

Founder, Organic Basics

Mads is the founder and CFO at Organic Basics, a Copenhagen based clothing company founded in 2015 that creates sustainable, better made basics. Sustainability is their core mission, and by that they don’t mean that sustainability is nice to have but that it’s the only way to act.

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Lene Oddershede

Senior Vice President, Professor, Novo Nordisk Fonden

Lene is Senior Vice President at the Novo Nordisk Foundation. She is responsible for the foundation’s grant awarding activities within the Natural and Technical Science Research. Lene is also a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.


Andreas Wehowsky

Founder & CEO, Muninn

Andreas is the co-founder and CEO of Muninn (formerly named, a danish cyber-tech that build AI-based cyber threat detection and response systems. Member of the Danish Council for Digital Security at the Danish Business Authority, speaker, and thought leader.


Jonas Gundersen

Chief Operating Officer, EMEA & LATAM, NIP Group

Jonas Gundersen is a COO Ninjas in Pyjamas which is an iconic esports team with over 20 years of legacy and championship wins, fielding teams around the globe, across various major game titles.

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Mathias Brink Lorenz

Investment Manager, Rockstart AgriFood

Mathias is an Investment Manager at Rockstart AgriFood Venture Fund. Rockstart AgriFood is for (pre-)seed stage startups with a focus on agtech and foodtech, who can show signs of traction and aspire to take a structured approach towards scaling the business.

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Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen

Partner, Maersk Growth

Peter is a Partner at Maersk Growth, the venture arm of the Maersk Group. In his role as an investor, Peter looks to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses who are digitising, democratising and decarbonising supply chains.

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Daniel Nyvang Mariussen

General Partner, Dreamcraft Ventures

Daniel is General Partner at Dreamcraft Ventures. He started his career in PwC M&A Advisory in 2010 and was part of the founding team of the peer-to-peer logistics startup ‘TrunkBird. In the fall of 2019 he closed Dreamcraft Ventures’ first stand-alone fund of EUR 27m, and became General Partner.

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Christian Wylonis

CEO & co-Founder, The Org

Christian is the CEO & co-Founder of The Org. He is the former Chief Operating Officer of Vivino. Previously, he was the CEO & co-Founder of Fitbay and spent a year as a Venture Capitalist with Creandum in Stockholm.

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Charlotte Søgaard

Digital Transformation Director, COWI

Charlotte is a digital Transformation Director at COWI. She believes a successful business transformation must be anchored in the organizational culture - and therefore her focus is on the people and the processes. Previously, she was chief consultant at the Danish Ministry of Finance.


Bibi Blomqvist

Co-founder & COO, Cogo

Bibi is the Co-founder and COO at Cogo. She is tech driven and her specialties are business development, meta search and performance marketing -creating integrated online solutions with a focus on generating sales and good user experience.


Ann-Christine Roope

Founder and Partner, Ethan Partners

Ann-Christine is a founder and partner at Ethan Partners. She is also co-founder and partner at InTech Founders. Prior to these roles, she has been Director of International Recruiting at Rocket Internet, and Groupon.

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Alex Ribin

CEO, IFS- International Flight Support

With several leadership positions in different companies in the past and a passion for tech, coding, and innovations, Alex is currently CEO for International Flight Support, as he seeks to revolutionize the old-school aviation industry with the newest technologies and digitalization.

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Johan Brenner

General Partner, Creandum

Johan is a General Partner at Creandum. He has a has a vast global network in the VC ecosystem and a true passion to build companies. Before becoming an entrepreneur Johan spend close to 10 years with ABB and Kinnevik.

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Jennifer von der Heydt

Co-founder & CEO, loop-it

Jennifer is the CEO & Co-founder loop-it. loop-it is a digital deposit system for reusable packaging that eliminates waste and costs of disposable packaging. Previously, she was a junior campaign and account manager at Pulse-Advertising.

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Helle Uth

Co-founder and General Partner, PSV

Helle is a co-founder and general partner at the PSV Tech Fund. She is an experienced venture capitalist investing in and working with Danish-based early-stage tech companies with global potential.

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Heidi Svane

Head of Digital, Lifestyle & Design Cluster

Heidi is Head of Digital at Lifestyle and Design Cluster. She is interested in innovation, technologies & new ways of thinking circular business models. She is a fashion and digital specialist.


Eva Hansen

Head of Sustainability, Vækstfonden

Eva Hansen is the Head of Sustainability at Vækstfonden, a role she took on in January 2021 after holding various positions in her 6-year history with the organization. Eva previously worked at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Ministry of Business and Growth.

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Daniel Sand

Managing Partner, Oaklins Denmark

Daniel has spent 15 years in strategic financial advisory and completing transformational transactions for private and public companies. Prior to joining Oaklins in 2017, he spent 11 years in London; the first seven years at Rothschild and more recently at Baird.

future of work

Mikael Langseth Nilsson

CEO & Founder, November First

Mikael is CEO and Founder of November First. He is a fintech entrepreneur with detailed insights in Financial Regulation, Payment Infrastructure, SaaS and BaaS Embedded banking services.

future of work

Martin Holmboe

Head of Acceleration, Futurebox

Martin holds a position as Head of Acceleration in Futurebox. With more than 20 years of experience from corporate strategy and the startup scene, Martin has an in depth knowledge and insight into the ecosystem.

future of work

Mark Laursen

Founder/CEO, Bright Star Studios

Mark is the CEO and Founder of Bright Star Studios.He is an Award Winning Venture Founder, Creator of Technology & Games, and Advisor, who began making games in his childhood on a Texas Instruments 99/4A and Commodore 64.

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Maria Grabowska

Program Manager, +impact accelerator/Danske Bank

Maria is the manager of the +impact accelerator and works in the Growth & Impact department of Danske Bank, developing various initiatives aiming at supporting entrepreneurs across all of Northern Europe.


Lars Rahbæk

Director, MOJOMOTO ApS

Lars is trained as an Art Director with several years of experience in concept design in e-com and marketing campaigns. Previously, he was employed by Bestseller design. He founded MOJOMOTO ApS in 2021.


Keith Rabois

Partner, Founders Fund

Keith is a general partner at Founders Fund. Earlier in his career, Keith was a litigator at the preeminent Wall Street law firm Sullivan and Cromwell. He began his career as a senior executive at PayPal and has served in influential roles at LinkedIn and as chief operating officer of Square.

future of work

Susie Meier

Investment Manager, HV

Susie is investment manager at HV. Since 2000 HV has been investing in internet and technology companies across several fund generation.Previously, she used to be an investor within Notion Capital and Frog Capital.

future of work

Søren Iver Knudsen

CEO, FarmBackup

Søren is CEO of FarmBackup. He studied Innovation Management and Business Development at CBS. He graduated in 2011 and worked for Berlingske Media and TIDAL before he founded FarmBackup in 2015.

future of work

Rasmus Gorm Pedersen

Director & Partner, Vitani Energy Systems A/S

Rasmus is director, partner at Vitani Energy Systems A/S and has worked with business development within data driven building management since 2003. He combines innovative technologies like IoT, biometrics, machine learning and AI, with redesigning business models and processes.


Oscar Westergård

Partner, Antler

Oscar is heading up Antler Stockholm. He is an investor, entrepreneur, expansion specialist and leader with 13 years of experience in building and investing in ventures around the world. He previously co-founded BIMA, and has worked at Spotify, Kinnevik and Universal Avenue.

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Oliver Julius Burch Fjellvang

Ceo & co-founder, Cleardox ApS

Oliver the co-founder of ClearDox passionate and driven entrepreneur that strives to build scalable tech products and sustainable companies. He started his career in the financial and legal sector but has since transitione to entrepreneurship, innovation and digital product development.


Nikolaj Nyholm

Founder & chairman, Astralis A/S

Nikolaj has an impressive repertoire of experience in founding, managing, and investing into growth companies.and in 2016, Nikolaj co-founded Astralis. Previously, he founded Polar Rose (acquired by Apple), Imity (acquired by Vodafone), and Speednames (acquired by Group NBT).

future of work

Thomas Heltborg Juul

Group CEO, GreenMobility

Thomas joined GreenMobility in 2017 as Chief Marketing Officer, progressing to CEO of the Danish operations in 2019 and Group CEO in january2020. Before GreenMobility Thomas built a number of own companies and held commercial positions in the media and EV-infrastructure industry.

future of work

Akshay Pai

CTO, Cerebriu A/S

Akshay is the co-founder and CTO of the Cerebriu. He is passionate about translational science where state-of-art machine learning techniques may be deployed in real-world scenarios for saving lives and improving patient care.

future of work

Charlotte Lynne Melkun

Partner, Solidity Nordic

Charlotte is the Head of Blockchain at Moonjelly, a platform coming in 2022 that turns ocean-impact donations into investments. Charlotte is also a Business Development and Blockchain Researcher at hiveonline ApS, as well as a Country Analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit.

game changer

Daniel Waterhouse

Partner, Balderton Capital

Daniel joined Balderton as a General Partner in 2013. Prior to Balderton, Daniel spent 5 years as a partner at Wellington Partners and worked on investments including Spotify, Hailo (now part of FREE NOW), Qype (sold to Yelp), Readmill (sold to Dropbox), and Bookatable (sold to Michelin).

future of work

Himadri Majumdar

Lead, Quantum, VTT

Himadri PhD is the Lead for Quantum Programmes at VTT. He is leading the first Finnish quantum computer build project in Finland, currently ongoing at VTT in close cooperation with IQM. He has almost 20 years of professional experience in innovation.


Irina Kostina

Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Irina is a Technology Advisor and works with software companies and advises them how to use Azure in the best possible manner.“Prior to joining Microsoft, Irina was a CTO of a startup.


Rasmus Rode Mosbæk

CEO & Founder, Hybrid Greentech - Energy Storage Intelligence

Rasmus is the CEO & Founder of Hybrid Greentech. He has been passionate about Energy Storage and Power to X since 1999. Rasmus Rode Mosbæk has more than 12 years of practical experience with hydrogen and battery energy storage systems and components.

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Mikkel Hansen

Managing Director, Projct Ltd.

Mikkel is the managing director at Projct. He has experience from luxury and lifestyle SMEs and startups, such as Alexander McQueen and Sedition, as well as corporate clients including HSBC, P&G, Cathay Pacific, and many others.

game changer

Mathias Lund Schjøtz

Founder & CEO,

Mathias is the Founder and CEO of Previously, he has been Co-founder and CEO at CompetencySpace and also founder & CEO EdTalk -a Social Learning Space for the education sector.

future of work

Marije de Roos

Founder & CEO, Positive Fibers B.V.

Marjie de Roos is the founder and CEO of Positive Fibers, a company that enables you to wear your values for collective prosperity. She's a renegade economist, independent fashion industry invader & radical optimist in pursuit of aesthetics with ethics.

future of work

Lars Andersen

General Partner, Seed Capital Denmark

Lars is a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits to his name. He has more than 25 years experiencein the Danish and international IT industry, providing him with insight and network contacts that are essential to his daily decisions as General partner in SEED Capital.

future of work

Jan Ståhlberg

Founder and CEO, SiliconHagen

Jan is the founder and CEO of SiliconHagen. As Head of Strategic Partnerships, he previously assisted multi-award winning Danish Edtech company Labster in growing from 12 to 100 people over 4 years.He is currently a member of the Advisory Board of 12 Danish Founders and CEOs convened by Danish Chamber of Commerce.


Rasmus Skovdal

Co-founder & CEO, Relion

Rasmus is the CEO and co-founder of Relion. During his bachelor’s degree in computer science, he co-founded the employee scheduling platform Relion after experiencing the pains of bad scheduling systems in the restaurant sector.

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Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

Co-founder and CEO, CanopyLAB

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth is co-founder and CEO of the edtech company CanopyLAB. She also serves as the Vice-Chair at DI Digital and faculty at Singularity University focusing on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning.

future of work

Zenia W. Francker

Director of Investment, Digital Hub Denmark x Matrikel1 x MESH Community

Zenia is the Director of Investment at the Creators` community (Digital Hub Denmark x Matrikel1 x MESH Community). Previously, she was CEO Founders House and Metrikiel 1.

future of work