TechBBQ’s General Terms & Conditions

TechBBQ’s Terms and Conditions are applicable to all TechBBQ services. By using TechBBQ services, users accept that they must abide by TechBBQ’s terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Partner Agreement

By agreeing to purchase a partnership package from TechBBQ, the Partner agrees to TechBBQ’s terms and conditions.


Partner Agreement - Payment

1. Payment:
a. Payment shall be carried out in a time frame adherent to TechBBQ company policy.
b. TechBBQ company policy sets its standard invoice time to 30 days for all invoices unless differently agreed upon.
i. All partnerships signed before 1 August 2022 with payment due in 30 days from invoice date (Net 30).
ii. All partnerships signed after 1 August 2022 with payment due in 7 days from invoice date (Net 7).
c. All payments are due, paid in full on or before 1 September 2022, unless the partnership is agreed according to § 1.b.ii
2. In the case that the terms of payment are not respected, TechBBQ will charge an additional 2% of the total cost of the partnership.
a. In the case that payment remains outstanding by 1 September 2022, with the exception of § 1.b.ii, TechBBQ reserves the right to withhold deliverables of the agreed-upon partnership.
b. In addition to §2, TechBBQ will charge an additional fee of 100 DKK ex. VAT per reminder, with a maximum of 3 reminder fees.
i. After the 3rd reminder, the invoice will be sent to a debt collector with immediate effect.


Partner Agreement - Postponement and Cancellation

1. If TechBBQ 2022 is postponed up to 6 months from the original dates (13th-14th September 2022), the partnership agreement is valid under the same conditions and no additional costs or refunds will be emitted.
a. If TechBBQ 2022 is delayed beyond 6 months, the partner can keep the partnership for TechBBQ 2022, or get refunded 100%.
2. If TechBBQ 2022 is canceled, 50% of the sponsorship will be refunded. TechBBQ accepts no liability if the event is canceled or postponed for reasons beyond our reasonable control. Upon cancellation by the partner in the period up to and including 90 days before the event, 100% of the agreed sponsorship will be paid to TechBBQ.
a. If TechBBQ 2022 is canceled due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, 100% of the sponsorship will be refunded to the partner. b. Requests by a partner to cancel participation should be submitted by email to the responsible contact person from TechBBQ Partnerships, with cc

3. Consequences after Contract Termination:

a. Tickets assigned to the partner are canceled
b. TechBBQ will reserve the right of legal action in the case of uncooperativeness in the resolution of the due payment.


Partner Agreement - Privacy

4. When an exchange of service occurs between TechBBQ and the Partner, data collection will occur, including the collection of personal data.

a. Personal data that may be collected includes but is not limited to: name, organization, role, and email address.

5. Personal data collected by TechBBQ will be handled carefully and in accordance with the applicable GDPR regulations.
6. By purchasing a ticket, the Partner agrees that their personal information may be used for programme, media, and marketing purposes.
a. TechBBQ may use the Partner information to generate analytics and/or communicating/promoting products and services which may be of interest to the Partner;
b. TechBBQ can share Partner information with third parties for the purposes of generating analytics and/or communicating/promoting products and services.


Partner Agreement - Risk and Liability

1. Goods of a Partner present at the venue are brought at the expense and risk of the Partner. TechBBQ encourages all Partners to watch over their goods as TechBBQ is not responsible for any theft or damage that may occur.
2. TechBBQ is not liable for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly by a Partner, by their personnel, by persons working at the behest of the Partner, and/or by the holders of admission tickets issued to the Partner or by their visitors, except in the case of gross negligence or wilful intent on the part of TechBBQ.


Media Policy

By agreeing to purchase a ticket from TechBBQ for a TechBBQ event, the Ticket Holder agrees to TechBBQ’s terms and conditions.

These conditions regulate the Ticket Holder’s online registration, attendance, and participation at a TechBBQ event. Please note that “TechBBQ event” refers to any event organized by TechBBQ. The current terms and conditions are valid until they are replaced by a newer version.

Terms and Conditions for Ticket Holders

By agreeing to purchase a ticket from TechBBQ for TechBBQ Event, the Ticket Holder agrees to TechBBQ’s terms and conditions.

These conditions are regulating Ticket Holder’s online registration, attendance, and participation at TechBBQ event. Please note that TechBBQ event refers to any event organized by TechBBQ. The current terms and conditions are valid until they are replaced by a newer version. 


Ticket Registration

Every individual or organization registering for a ticket to a TechBBQ event is responsible for providing accurate and complete data. If for any reason, the data submitted is inaccurate or in breach of TechBBQ services, TechBBQ reserves the right to remove the ticket from the user without any form of compensation. Please note that the purchased ticket is personal and can only be used by the individual whose name is listed in the registration form. The user is allowed to change the ticket information and transfer said ticket to another user, but this cannot be done less than seven days prior to the TechBBQ event in question. If the information on the ticket needs to be changed, or if the ticket is to be transferred to another individual, please contact


Ticket Prices & Fees

All ticket prices displayed on the TechBBQ website include the VAT (value-added tax). TechBBQ has the right to change ticket prices at any time but these changes will not in any way affect the tickets that have already been purchased.

In addition to the ticket price, an additional payment method fee and other types of fees may occur, depending on the way the payment is processed.


Ticket Refunds

A Ticket Holder is eligible for a refund of the ticket cost they paid if they have a change of mind within 7 days of purchase. Please note the processing fees for purchasing tickets are non-refundable. A request for a refund must be emailed to The money will be refunded to the same source from which the ticket was purchased. Additional service fees may be applicable. After these 7 days, your tickets have become non-refundable. However, you can change the name of your ticket allocation to a colleague, client, or friend. The exception to the above policy is that no tickets are eligible for a refund if purchased within 14 days prior to the TechBBQ event.

Purchased tickets are not for reselling. It is strictly prohibited to resell tickets. It is also forbidden to offer them as part of a promotion or a giveaway unless there is written consent from TechBBQ. Any tickets that we find are available for reselling will be canceled and holders of said tickets will not be able to enter the premises during the event.



All ticket holders will receive a badge upon checking in for a TechBBQ event. Ticket Holders are responsible for their own badges and TechBBQ is in no way responsible for stolen, lost or damaged badges. TechBBQ reserves the right to remove people from the premises who do not have a valid ticket or a badge.


Personal Data

TechBBQ collects and processes data in relation to user registration. This data can be used or shared with TechBBQ partners and projects related to TechBBQ, such as reports, promotional activities, and more.


Media Policy

During a TechBBQ event, we may have photographers and/or videographers capturing and recording the event. By attending TechBBQ, the Ticket Holder agrees to be photographed and/or recorded, and TechBBQ will be the sole owner of such media.

TechBBQ reserves the right to use any media recorded at TechBBQ without the express written permission of those included in the media, and the Ticket Holder waives any right therein.

TechBBQ may use these photos and/or recordings, publications, or other media material produced or used by TechBBQ, including but not limited to: programmes, websites, videos, social media content, newspapers, newsletters, and/or blog posts. All attendees are allowed to create their own video or photo content during TechBBQ and share it on their channels.


Safety During the Event

During any TechBBQ event, we reserve the right to remove any individual who we consider does not follow the laws, regulations, or policies stated by TechBBQ and the venue where the event is taking place. TechBBQ also has the right to remove individuals who are causing offense, annoyance, or showing inappropriate behavior on the event premises.


Event Cancellation

In the event of Force Majeure, TechBBQ will not be held liable for any cancellation delay or the event or parts of the event. Force Majeure includes but is not limited to any event that is not within the reasonable control of the TechBBQ team and any event that can not be reasonably avoided or overcome without unreasonable use of resources. If Force Majeure results in a delay of the TechBBQ event, TechBBQ reserves the right to cancel the event without liability to the users.

Examples of Force Majeure include but are not limited to acts of war or hostility in the territory, riots, acts of terrorism, governmental restrictions, natural disasters, and the spread of pandemic or epidemic (such as Covid-19) or any other disease or contamination outbreak.

In case the TechBBQ event is postponed for up to six months from its original date for reasons other than Force Majeure, the Ticket Holders will automatically have their transfer to the upcoming event and ticket holders will not be reimbursed financially.


Annex 1

In addition to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, there are Terms and Conditions for applying to join the Startup Program Activities. Interested applicants can click here to read this annex.