General Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions describe the criteria, conditions, requirements and rules of membership and participation in the events. By purchasing tickets from TechBBQ and/or participating in the events, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which may be updated from time to time. A Ticket Holder may be notified of changes to Terms and Conditions, it is however advised that Ticket Holders keep updated via our website.

By agreeing to purchase a partnership package from TechBBQ, the Partner agrees to TechBBQ’s terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions
for Ticket Holders


Eligibility and Participation Requirements

For the purposes of this agreement, a Ticket Holder is any individual or organization registering and/or purchasing a ticket for the event. In this agreement, Ticket Holders are referred to as participants and users. All participants or users must be Ticket Holders to be eligible participants.


Definition of Event

“TechBBQ event” includes all events and gatherings organized by TechBBQ. 


Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By procuring all services online including purchasing and/or registering a ticket for any TechBBQ event, the Ticket Holder explicitly assents to adhere to TechBBQ’s comprehensive Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, all Ticket Holders are under obligation to observe and uphold TechBBQ’s prescribed Code of Conduct.


General Rules and Restrictions

TechBBQ’s failure to enforce a right does not mean that TechBBQ has waived that right. TechBBQ may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


Ticket Registration

5.1 Accuracy of Information
In the process of registering for a TechBBQ event, each individual or organization assumes the responsibility to furnish precise and complete information. If, for any reason, submitted data is found to be inaccurate or in violation of TechBBQ’s service terms, TechBBQ reserves the prerogative to revoke the ticket without any form of compensation.

5.2 Ticket Information Changes
Ticket Holder may modify and/or change ticket information. The instructions on how to modify information, will be in the confirmation email that is sent to the Ticket Holder.

5.3 Ticket Transfer
Ticket Holder may transfer their ticket to another individual. The original Ticket Holder, the transferor, must make the necessary changes as per the instructions sent in the confirmation email. The new Ticket Holder, the transferee, will become bound by the Code of Conducts and the Terms and Conditions. The transferor ceases to have ownership upon the transfer. Ticket Holder may contact TechBBQ on with questions.

5.4 Ticket Presentation
It is imperative for attendees to present valid tickets at the event entrance for access. Access to the event app Brella, is not a valid admission to TechBBQ’s events and will be denied attendance without a valid ticket. Valid tickets presented at the entrance will be exchanged for a printed badge, which attendees are required to wear throughout the event


Ticket Prices and Fees

Ticket prices, as displayed on the TechBBQ website, encompass the Value Added Tax (VAT). TechBBQ retains the right to alter ticket prices, however, such modifications do not impact tickets already in possession. Additionally, supplementary fees may be applicable based on the chosen payment method.

TechBBQ does not accept pro-forma invoice payments for purchases of less than 15 tickets. If a pro-forma invoice is the selected method of payment, the individual needs to contact TechBBQ team at 

TechBBQ reserves the right to refuse a pro-forma invoice payment within 14 days before the event. Tickets will be sent to the party that purchased the tickets via pro-forma invoice only after the full payment is received by TechBBQ.


Ticket Refunds

7.1  Refund Eligibility
Within the initial 7 days of purchase, Ticket Holders are eligible for a refund, excluding processing fees. After this period, tickets become non-refundable, although they remain transferable to another individual. A request for a refund must be emailed to The money will be refunded to the same source from which the ticket was purchased. Additional service fees may be applicable. After these 7 days, your tickets have become non-refundable. However, you can change the name of your ticket allocation to a colleague, client, or friend. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at

Please note that tickets purchased within 14 days prior to the TechBBQ event are not eligible for a refund, irrespective of the grounds for refund.

7.2 Visa Application
Should an individual require a visa to visit Denmark, the country where the event is hosted, TechBBQ is prepared to furnish an invitation letter upon request, subsequent to ticket purchase. It is important to note that TechBBQ does not assume responsibility for completing any forms on the immigration service website. In the event of a visa application being denied, TechBBQ will initiate a ticket refund upon presentation of proof of the visa rejection. It is at the discretion of the TechBBQ team to determine the validity and sufficiency of the provided proof, and refusal of a refund may occur if the documentation is deemed inadequate.

It is crucial to highlight that tickets purchased within 14 days prior to the TechBBQ event are exempt from the aforementioned refund policy.

7.3Prohibited Actions
Ticket resale online is strictly prohibited. Any identified tickets for resale will be nullified, and holders will be denied access to the event premises.


TechBBQ Badge

8.1 Required Visibility of Badge
Upon obtaining your badge, it is imperative to handle it with care and always ensure its visibility throughout the event.

8.2 Unauthorized Use
Any instance of an unregistered individual or someone not assigned to the TechBBQ badge making use of it will result in the forfeiture of the ticket, and the individual will be promptly expelled from the conference or any other TechBBQ service.

8.3 Replacement Fee 
During some of our events, TechBBQ may offer wristbands. If wristbands are offered, all attendees have the obligation to wear them at all times during the event, together with the printed badge. In case an attendee receives a wristband at the entrance at the check-in area, but fails to wear it during the event, they will be expelled from the venue.
If an attendee wears a valid wristband and loses or damages their badge, the wristband can be used to claim a new badge. Please note that a replacement fee of 100€ is applicable for lost wristbands. It is important to note that TechBBQ assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets, wristbands, or badges.


Personal Data

TechBBQ collects and processes data pertinent to user registration. This data may be shared with TechBBQ partners and projects, as detailed on


Media Policy

By participating in TechBBQ, Ticket Holders consent to being photographed and recorded. TechBBQ alone has exclusive ownership of such media and has an implied right to use it for various purposes, including publications, websites, videos, blog posts and social media content without further written permission from the Ticket Holders. Ticket Holders waiver any rights in any such media. 

All Ticket Holders and attendees are allowed to create their own videos, photography, and other media content during the TechBBQ event to share it on their own channels.


Safety During The Event

TechBBQ reserves the right to expel individuals not in compliance with laws, regulations, policies, or the Code of Conduct. Offensive or inappropriate behavior may lead to removal without reimbursement.


Cancellations and Postponements

12.1 Cancellation Due To Unforeseen Circumstances
TechBBQ is not responsible for losses and/or damages incurred due to changes including alterations, cancellations, rescheduling, or postponing of TechBBQ services. In case of cancellation or rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances, TechBBQ reserves the right to change the dates and times of all TechBBQ Services.

12.2 Postponements and Arrangements Of New Dates
If TechBBQ cancels or reschedules any TechBBQ Service for a new date and/or time, TechBBQ may, at its discretion, transfer the ticket(s) to be valid for the new date and/or time, or refund costs related to TechBBQ Services paid by the user upon request within a reasonable time limit specified by TechBBQ on a case-by-case basis. If the user does not contact TechBBQ about a refund within this reasonable time limit (which will be at least 30 days), TechBBQ will not be liable for any refund or reimbursement.

12.3 Substitution and Rights To Make Changes
TechBBQ also reserves the right to make changes to TechBBQ Services and related schedules. Please note that while speakers and topics may be confirmed, TechBBQ may need to make substitutions, alterations, or cancellations due to circumstances beyond its control. Any changes will be announced on TechBBQ’s channels as soon as possible. Changes in the program lineup, partner attendance and cancellation of certain parts of the stage program do not justify ticket refunds.



TechBBQ endeavors to maintain the operational continuity of its services, but occasional interruptions may occur due to technical issues or scheduled maintenance. The organization retains the right to modify or discontinue any functions or features of its services at its discretion. However, TechBBQ disclaims responsibility for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from the use of its services, participation in TechBBQ events, or related activities, unless such damages stem from willful misconduct or gross negligence. 

Users are required to report any damages within 30 days of their identification to initiate a claim. TechBBQ is not held liable for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets or badges.


Force Majeure

TechBBQ bears no responsibility for any failure to fulfill its obligations in the occurrence of a Force Majeure.

14.1 Circumstances of Force Majeure
This term encompasses unforeseen events, obstacles, or circumstances beyond TechBBQ’s control that meet the following criteria: (1) beyond reasonable control; (2) unable to be reasonably avoided or overcome without incurring unreasonable costs or delays; and (3) not attributable to TechBBQ.

14.2 The 60 Day Rule
Should a Force Majeure Event lead to a delay or non-performance of TechBBQ services for a duration exceeding sixty (60) days, then the Ticket Holders will automatically have their tickets transferred to a new event date, and financial reimbursement will not be available.

14.3 Force Majeure Events
For the purposes of these Terms, “Force Majeure Events” include, but are not limited to, the following examples: (1) acts of war, invasion, hostilities, armed conflict, terrorism, or sabotage; (2) acts of authority, compliance with laws or governmental orders, rules, regulations, curfew restrictions, expropriation, nationalization, or compulsory acquisition; (3) widespread or nation-wide strikes, go-slows, and lockouts; (4) natural events such as lightning, fire, earthquake, flood, storm, ice, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, epidemic, or other disease outbreaks; and (5) radioactive contamination, ionizing radiation, explosion, or chemical contamination.

14.4 COVID and Pandemics
A Force Majeure Event includes the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, encompassing authority restrictions or other burdensome effects beyond reasonably foreseeable circumstances, including and not only restricted to potential COVID-19 mutations and other pandemics.

14.5 Subcontractor and Third Parties
Furthermore, TechBBQ is exempt from liability when a TechBBQ subcontractor or third party experiences a Force Majeure Event, and obtaining a subcontract from another source is impractical without incurring unreasonable costs or significant delays.

Terms and Conditions
for Partner Agreement

Upon entering a partnership and purchasing a package from TechBBQ, the Partner acknowledges and agrees to adhere to TechBBQ's terms and conditions, outlined as follows:



15.1 Circumstances of Force Majeure
Payment shall be conducted within the timeframe specified by TechBBQ’s company policy.
TechBBQ’s standard invoice period is set at 30 days for all invoices, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.
Partnerships signed before 1 August 2024 have a payment term of 30 days from the invoice date (Net 30).
Partnerships signed after 1 August 2024 require payment within 7 days from the invoice date (Net 7).
All payments must be settled in full on or before 1 September 2024, unless the partnership is agreed upon according to § 1.b.ii.

15.2 Late Payment Charges
Failure to adhere to the specified payment terms will result in TechBBQ charging an additional 2% of the total partnership cost.
If payment remains outstanding beyond 1 September 2024, excluding cases covered by § 1.b.ii, TechBBQ retains the right to withhold deliverables of the agreed-upon partnership.
In addition to § 2, TechBBQ will impose an extra fee of 100 DKK excluding VAT per reminder, capped at a maximum of 3 reminder fees.

Upon the 3rd reminder, the invoice will be promptly forwarded to a debt collector.


Postponement and Cancellation

16.1 Postponement
In the event of a postponement of TechBBQ 2024 within a timeframe of up to 6 months from the original dates (11th-12th September 2024), the partnership agreement remains valid under the same conditions, with no additional costs or refunds issued.
Should TechBBQ 2024 be delayed beyond 6 months, the partner has the option to retain the partnership for TechBBQ 2025 or receive a full refund.

16.2 Cancellation
If TechBBQ 2023 is canceled, a 50% refund of the sponsorship will be processed. TechBBQ assumes no liability for event cancellations or postponements due to reasons beyond reasonable control. In the event of cancellation within the period up to and including 90 days before the event, 100% of the agreed sponsorship will be payable to TechBBQ.

If TechBBQ 2024 is canceled due to health authority and government guidelines such as COVID-19 virus outbreak or an epidemic outbreaks and pandemic, a 100% refund of the sponsorship will be issued.

Partner requests for participation cancellation should be communicated via email to the designated contact person from TechBBQ Partnerships, with cc to

16.1 Consequences After Partnership Termination
In case of partnership termination, any tickets are automatically canceled, TechBBQ reserves the right to pursue legal action in case of non-cooperation in resolving due payments.



17.1 Data Collection
When an exchange of service occurs between TechBBQ and the Partner, data collection will take place, encompassing the retrieval of personal data. Personal data that may be collected includes, but is not limited to, name, organization, role, and email address.

17.2 Data Handling
TechBBQ handles the personal data collected with care and in compliance with applicable GDPR regulations. By purchasing a ticket, the Partner consents to the use of their personal information for program, media, and marketing purposes. TechBBQ may utilize Partner information to generate analytics and/or communicate/promote products and services of potential interest to the Partner.

17.3 Data Sharing
TechBBQ reserves the right to share Partner information with third parties for the purposes of generating analytics and/or communicating/promoting products and services.


Risk and Liability

Goods of a Partner present at the venue are brought at the expense and risk of the Partner. TechBBQ encourages all Partners to watch over their goods as TechBBQ is not responsible for any theft that may occur. 

TechBBQ is not liable for any loss or damages suffered directly or indirectly by a Partner, by their personnel, by persons working on the instructions of the Partner, by the holders of admission tickets issued to the Partner, or by their visitors, unless in the case of gross negligence or wilful intent on the part of TechBBQ. 

Food, which is brought in or purchased at the venue cannot be left out overnight and needs to be either taken home or left in a special sealed container that has to be brought to the venue by the partner. If the partner does not bring their own container that our team considers secure, leftover food & beverages will be removed from the venue by our team without any further notice or compensation.


Media Policy

During TechBBQ, our photographers and videographers capture and record the event. By attending TechBBQ, the Partner implicitly agrees to be photographed or recorded and acknowledges that TechBBQ will be the exclusive owner of such media. For external marketing usage, kindly reference the media as “PR / TechBBQ” when publishing content online.

TechBBQ retains the right to utilize any media captured at TechBBQ without requiring the express written permission of those featured in the media, and the Partner hereby waives any associated rights.

TechBBQ may employ the photos or recordings in publications or other media materials produced or used by TechBBQ, encompassing, but not limited to, programs, websites, newspapers, newsletters, and blog posts.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, and TechBBQ reserves the the right to inform users about these updates.


Annex 1

In addition to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, there are Terms and Conditions for applying to join the Startup Program Activities. Interested applicants can click here to read this annex.