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The project is


Life Science
without Borders

Life Science without Borders is a project dedicated to breaking down barriers and expanding the horizons of life science startups. Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship in the life sciences industry through collaboration, support, and global networking. We strive to create a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem for life science startups where creativity, entrepreneurship, and scientific excellence can flourish without borders.

Our vision is to amplify Denmark and the Nordic countries within the global life sciences industry, and to contribute to the betterment of society through innovation, growth, and development.

Our values include:

  • Collaboration and support over competition
  • Amplifying each other's efforts and helping one another
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing, partnership building, and access to funding
  • Creating opportunities for startups to succeed on the global stage
  • Commitment to the growth and development of the life sciences industry in Denmark and beyond
  • What to Expect

    Life Science Without Borders is TechBBQ's largest dedicated area exclusively focused on the life science industry. It showcases 30 exhibiting startups from all corners of the life science ecosystem, providing a comprehensive insight into the field. We feature startups at various stages, ranging from very early-stage ventures to those well into their journey, offering valuable insights for learning. To ensure diversity and versatility, we curate startups from different verticals, embracing the entire ecosystem.

    We present a dedicated stage with up to 15 hours of content specifically tailored to strengthen your knowledge about life science and scaling your startup in this industry. In the heart of the area, surrounded by showcasing startups, you'll find a lounge where our life science speakers gather after their sessions. This creates an opportunity for the audience and showcasing startups to engage in in-depth discussions about the topics covered.

    Moreover, it's important to note that this is just the first year. TechBBQ is committed to bolstering the entire life science ecosystem, and as such, we will continue to enhance our efforts and commitment to life science at our summit.

    Why Join?

    For Startups:

  • Connect with a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and experts
  • Expand your horizons and enhance visibility for your startup
  • Access new markets, forge valuable partnerships, and attract necessary investment to scale up and achieve success
  • For Investors:

  • Discover cutting-edge research and innovative ideas from life science startups
  • Connect with a global network of startups and industry experts
  • Gain access to investment opportunities and forge valuable partnerships
  • FAQ

    TechBBQ Summit is one of Europe’s largest startup events where entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals come together to network, pitch ideas, and showcase products.

    There will be a dedicated area focused on life science, with up to 30 exhibitors, a stage with speakers from around the world, pitch competitions, matchmaking, and opportunities to build new relationships across industries and organisations.

    TechBBQ Summit 2023 will take place on September 13th and 14th in Copenhagen.

    Up to 7,500 attendees from 70 different countries are expected at the summit in 2023.

    Only startups directly involved in life science may attend as a life science startup, and we recommend that each startup have no more than 2 representatives. Please note that TechBBQ has the final say in whether or not a startup can participate.

    It is free for startups to exhibit at TechBBQ. Guest attendance follows the regular ticket prices.

    If you want to sign up, need more information or have any questions about participation or registration, feel free to contact Jan Thordsen, project manager and lead of Life Science Without Borders, at

    Life Science
    stage program


    13th Of September

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    “Welcome by Novo Nordic Foundation and a small apatizer on what to expect the coming 2 days. 3 selected startups out of the 30 showcases will present their startup to you ranging from Biotech to MedTech to Services.”

    Novo Nordisk Fonden – Charlotte Schöller
    BBetter – John Zibert
    ZenzeTech – Magdalena Paul
    Madsen Pleaz – Pernille Feld Snitkjær
    David Guldager | Host

    “In this moderated Fireside by Danish Life Science Cluster, Danish Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Fund Denmark and Danish Industry wil share their viewpoint on why a strong and collaborative ecosystem is so important, and how this can contribute to building sustainable and impactful companies.”

    Cecilie Brøkner (Panelist) –  CEO Innovation Fund Denmark
    Sara Vogt Bøgsted (Panelist) – Chief Consultant  Dansk Erhverv
    Lars Bech-Jørgensen (Panelist) – Head of Future Healthcare DI
    Diana Arsovic Nielsen (Moderator) – CEO Danish Life Science Cluster

    “Fundraising for an early stage opportunity? Does it really matter whether it is technology or biotechnology? Yes it does, and potentially very much so! If you are new in biotech, crossing over from technology or maybe trying to attract biotech investors to an opportunity within both technology and biotech, you need to understand how and why biotech investors think different from other investors. Søren will share insights from 18 years of investments in biotech. “

    Sunstone – Søren Lemonius

    “Participation in open calls is a great opportunity to accelerate the journey of a startup. Greater Copenhagen EU Office, Danish Life Science Cluster and Abzu share insights and experience on what it takes to be enrolled in an EU call, and how valuable participating in a call can be for a company.”

    “Insights on the journey and the learnings from both sides when one of the biggest players within the Industry invests and goes into a partnership with a small startup. Novo Nordic and AmalgamRx share the insights in an interview by Fiona Alston”

    Novo Nordisk – Thomas Thestrup-Terp
    Amalgam – Chris Bergstrøm
    Sifted – Fiona Alston | Moderator

    “When an idea has to become a reality, the first step is to start getting evidence on the efficacy and need of the product. Which testing opportunities are offered to start this process, when the startup do not have access to labs or hospital facilities? CPH Labs, Nordic Health Lab and DTU Science Park share not only the possibility of starting but also how far should the startup be in order to start this process?”

    CPH Labs – Lotte Much Lambertsen
    Nordic Health Lab – Jesper Juel-Helwig
    DTU Science Park A/S – Steen Donner 
    REBBLS – Kamil Bakowski | Moderator

    “Being a startup in the nordics.”

    Airofit – Christian Tullberg Poulsen
    Startupsesame – Elizabeth Angel | Moderator

    PITCH COMPETITION: Eight selected Startups within Life Science will do a three-minute pitch in front of judges, with the opportunity to win 10.000€

    FIRESIDE: Insights from a Life Science Investor

    There is a need for strong rolemodels. This panel focus on the female rolemodel. No matter if you come from corporate, as healthcare professional or a scientist – You can choose the journey to be involved in a startup. Be inspired by 3 strong rolemodels within the Industry.

    Measurelet – Marie Lomme Bagger
    MATR Foods – Randi Wahlsten
    Agoprene – Celine Sandberg
    WARD 24/7 – Betina Langemark
    BII – Nina Haldipur | Moderator

    Apps & AI have a greater and greater impact within Life Science. What are the thoughts behind integrating these tools, not anymore only as a nice to have, but as an essential part of the solution?

    Dianox – Flemming Morsch (Moderator)
    ALK A/S – Rasmus Just
    SPRIND – Patrick P. Rose
    DTU – Timothy Jenkins

    14th Of September

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    “Relation building is essential in the journey of building a company. One of the ways is joining a community. 6 communities will pitch, their offering and how they contribute to the Life Science Ecosystem and startups.”

    Symbion – Peter Thorstensen
    Accelerace – Christian Waarst
    REBBLS – Kamil Bakowski
    WILD – Lene Gerläch
    Danish Life Science Cluster – Signe Ulrik Holm
    Health Tech Hub Copenhagen – Anett Falussy
    Danish Life Science Cluster – Jens Just 

    This segment will explore Ran’s experience starting a company in Copenhagen, not finding any funding, deciding to move across the Atlantic and successfully raising capital in San Francisco. Whilst comparing the fundraising journey for her MedTech company in DK and SF, she will also share the ups and downs of what it takes to scale a product that’s helping diabetics live safer lives.

    ByFounders-Torsten Kolind
    Siren Care – Ran Ma

    “The Universities in Denmark will pitch their offer and incubator environment to startups.”

    The Pipeline & KU Lighthouse – Anna Vestergård Jacobsen
    AAU – Rasmus Hedegaard
    SDU & Startup Station – Thomas Bernhardt
    DTU & Skylab – Stine Kruse
    SPARK/ Forskningsprojekter – Anna Vestergård Jacobsen
    The Kitchen, Aarhus Universitet – Karsten Bubber Outzen
    Roskilde University – Lise Philipsen
    Founder to Leader, CBS – Mia Jung

    “Within a year the Robot Technology startup Yuman and CEO Sara Lopez went from a student project to winning Danish and European innovation pitches and being featured in Forbes under 30. Come and hear Sara’s story interviewed by Sebastian Kjær from TechSavvyyMedia.”

    Yuman – Sara Lopez
    TechSavvy Media – Erik Lillelund

    KHORA – Simon Max Bloch Lajboschitz

    Khora’s 8-year journey pioneered VR (now XR) solutions in healthcare. With 100+ projects, including VR treatment for treatment-resistant schizophrenia, their experiences offer a blueprint for startups. Learn strategic navigation, partnerships, and impactful tech innovation. Khora’s path inspires healthcare tech’s future.

    This segment will hone in on Vishal, General Partner at Obvious Ventures’ experience and investments broadly across health tech, virtual health, home health care, and traditional biotech – where he’s investing, why, and how they reflect his thinking about where the big levers for change are. Together Vishal and Adam will tap into the makeup of founding teams and the intersection of cutting-edge technologies and specialized skills that are so important in driving health advances now.

    Obvious Ventures – Vishal Vasishth
    Freelance, Fast Company – Adam Blustein (Moderator)

    In this panel debate moderated by Martin Vesterby from Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, you will get answers on how to prepare for a dialogue with a corporate and which evaluation criteria need to be met. Roche, Trifork & Cerebriu will bring insights on what it takes to be considered as a partner for the big corporates and how valuable it can be for a startup to partner up with another company.

    “Creating ambassadors is key in the venture journey. How do you get people to believe in your idea? What does it take? And how can you stand strong in yourself and create traction and awareness around your solution without losing yourself in the process? The secret is authentic storytelling.”

    Amazing Hall – Anne-Marie Hall

    Dive into what’s cooking within health tech with Jesper Grønbæk, Founder & CEO of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen.Jesper will share his thoughts on why health tech matters to us all: investors, patients, relatives, healthcare system and talents; and explore where and how we see the best implementations happening.

    Health Tech Hub Copenhagen – Jesper Grønbæk

    Dr James Peyer has spent his entire adult life studying the biology of aging. He’s the founder and CEO of Cambrian Bio, a company bringing over 15 drugs targeting different aspects of aging from the laboratory to human clinical trials.

    Cambrian Bio – James Peyer

    Færch & Døtre – Anne Færch Jørgensen (Moderator)
    OASI-Care – Ditte Marie Fog Ibsen

    “Come behind the scenes of Venture Capitalist Funds. How do they evaluate and process, when the decision comes to whom they should invest in? “

    AlbionVC – Leigh Brody
    Eir Ventures – Lene Gerläch
    PreSeed Ventures – Anders Kjær
    EIFO – Mads Lacoppidan
    BII – Tony Chang | Moderator