The way the talent market looks today, and with the kind of diverse talent that we want in Lunar, we know that we can meet the best talents out in the real world... The TechBBQ is very much a part of the real world.

Mar. 11, 2022 / 2 min. read


What did you gain from TechBBQ 2021?
"It was a big pleasure, a fun and fruitful event, where we among many things recruited a new talent to our team. We can't wait for the 2022 edition!"


1) What does Lunar do?

“Lunar is a fintech company and leading Nordic challenger bank focused on the future of money across banking, payments and investments.”

2) Why did you come to TechBBQ 2021?

“Even though we are no longer a startup, we embrace the wonderful opportunity to meet up with the startup community and meet likeminded people. As we have an easily accessible business banking product, we also see a great synergy between our product offering and the many startups attending TechBBQ.”

3) What did you get out of the event?

“We definitely had a great time talking to all the brilliant people at the BBQ and got inspired by the solid amount of talent in the startup scene. Furthermore, we had a great opportunity to see what is shaking and baking around the Copenhagen tech culture.”

4) If you take into account that you hired a new employee at TechBBQ, were your expectations met or exceeded?

“We hired a new talent at the TechBBQ 2021 event by the serendipity of being in a location with a lot of like-minded people. In this atmosphere, a lot of conversations happen – and we found out with our new talent that we had an aligned vision of the future, whereafter we agreed that we wanted to bring that future to life together.”

5) What role does your new employee have?

“Our new talent is a Product Manager in one of our squads in Copenhagen.”

6) Will you recommend others to use TechBBQ as a platform for talent recruitment?

“The way the talent market looks today, and with the kind of diverse talent that we want in Lunar, we know that we can meet the best talents out in the real world… The TechBBQ event is very much a part of the real world.”

About Lunar:

Lunar is a Fintech company developing the new norm for everything money to a new generation of users. They are synergizing with modern users and their lifestyle, and centre their services around the ones who don’t fit into the sharp definitions set out by the traditional banks.

Lunar creates the standards of tomorrow and are proud to be unlike others. They facilitate change, demand progression, and most of all, empower users to control their money with maximum efficiency!

Lunar is motivated by rethinking everything money. That’s why they are using the latest technologies to create the solution of tomorrow – all available today!

The Lunar app provides a 100 % digital way to manage finances – both personal and business. Over 400.000 users in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are already using the app, and with 5.000+ 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, they have an army of advocates behind them!

Lunar was founded in 2015, and since then, the company has employed more than 500+ skilled people in: Tech, Design, Business Development, HR, Compliance, Banking, Marketing, Communication, Support, and much more.

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