Over 100 Danish startup ecosystem players were present at the TalkBBQ event in early June. Participants indulged in laid-back debates with familiar and new faces with appetizing dinner on the side. Apart from the networking experience, the program was packed with voluminous discussion on the topic of “Mind the Gap: Are salaries posing a problem for startups and the ecosystem?"

December 8, 2022 / 4 min. read

Global Tech Trends Conference - Showcasing leading trends during a one-day conference on December 15th!

Earlier this year, we published the Global Tech Trends Platform, which is focused on showcasing technological trends from all over the world. The Global Tech Trends Platform was made in collaboration with Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK), and was officially published in September during the press conference at TechBBQ 2022.

Photo: VINIA Media

Theis Munksgaard-Hansen presenting Global Tech Trends Platform at the Press Conference at TechBBQ 2022

What is the Global Tech Trends Platform?

The main focus of the platform is to introduce the current and upcoming trends shaping the world of innovation and tech. It includes a series of 20 short reports, which delve deeper into the selected trends, such as Metaverse, Web 3.0, carbon removal, biosolutions, precision agriculture, and more.

These topics have been identified and developed by the seven international locations of ICDK, which are strategically located in Silicon Valley, Boston, Munich, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

Each report contains a general explanation of the given technology, an estimation of its potential impact, and a brief analysis of how supportive these local innovation ecosystems are, from the perspective of policy, entrepreneurship, corporate engagement, finance, and academia.

“The reception of the platform has been great! People have been using it as a tool to obtain a basic understanding of the many areas of technological development, but also as a way of navigating between what might impact one's business and what might be less relevant to look into.”

Global Tech Trends Conference

To continue the successful platform, we are partnering with Innovation Centre Denmark, Digital Lead, Dansk Erhverv, Food Nation, State of Green, Danish Life Science Cluster, IT-Branchen, MADE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and Uddannelses-og Forskningsministeriet to organize the Global Tech Trends Conference, on the 15th of December. 


This event will consist of seven separate sessions focused on the following themes: life science, industry, quantum, food and bio, connectivity, online commerce, and clean tech. Join the conference to learn about the technological trends of tomorrow and their potential impact on how we run our businesses and society.

“All of the sessions are excellent, but personally I look very much forward to the session on quantum where we have gathered an all-star team of actors from (i) academia, (ii) the corporate world, (iii) start-ups working with quantum, and (iv) innovation officers from three of the innovation centers, who together will engage in a conversation moderated by Natasha Friis-Saxberg”

Global Tech Trends Platform was mandated by the Danish Government through The Government’s Action Plan for Economic Diplomacy. Innovation Centre Denmark is an organization born out of an inter-ministerial partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is free to join the Global Tech Trends Conference, but you need to sign up!

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