We foster innovation, collaboration and growth in the Danish UrbanTech startup ecosystem, accelerating the development of smart, green and thriving cities.

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About UrbanTech

Shaping future cities champions entrepreneurs connected to Denmark’s UrbanTech ecosystem. The project is dedicated to removing barriers and providing founders with access to knowledge, network, resources, and capital.


Our mission is to activate and leverage the strengths of the Danish UrbanTech ecosystem while simultaneously creating unique global opportunities for knowledge exchange, networking, and investing in transformative innovation.


We strive to create a space of inspiration, learning, and action. A space where UrbanTech entrepreneurship is celebrated and supported, visionary thinking meets actionable insights, and the ideal future city becomes a not so distant reality

Funded by Realdania and conducted in partnership with PropTech Denmark, Bloxhub, ConTechLab/Molio, and WE BUILD DENMARK, this project embodies our commitment to purpose-driven collaboration.

What to expect

UrbanTech: Shaping Future Cities is one of the largest areas at TechBBQ 2024 and features a comprehensive program.

We shine the spotlight on 25 selected startups in a dedicated exhibition and provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their case in the format most suited to them. Opportunities include a pitch event, tailored matchmaking activities and facilitated networking events within UrbanTech.

Claiming its space at this year’s TechBBQ stages, UrbanTech also features a curated program of panel discussions and keynotes, focusing on the burning challenge of rebuilding our cities and the actions needed for urban innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive.

We are just getting started, so stay tuned for further updates. If you want to contribute, we want to hear from you - reach out!

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Highlights from UrbanTech 2023

In 2023, TechBBQ UrbanTech started with a bang, showcasing Denmark's UrbanTech startup scene.

The event buzzed with packed rooms and enthusiastic crowds eager to reshape city construction. 12 startups seized the chance to showcase their innovations, network, and secure vital resources and investments.

“I came from a corporate career and was completely new to the start-up ecosystem, so participating in TechBBQ was the perfect venue for me to start building my network with investors. We have just started raising capital and at least a handful of those that we are working with are relations created through TechBBQ."

Anders Holm Jørgensen,
CEO & Founder Proprty.ai,
Exhibiting UrbanTech startup

Which startups
participated in 2023

For Inqueries

Please don't hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions about the program or events.

Jana Rudnik

Project Manager

Email: jmr@techbbq.org