UrbanTech Pitch Competition

Breaking boundaries in UrbanTech at TechBBQ 2024!

Claim the spotlight, impress VCs, press, and partners, and get a chance to win 75.000 DKK (10.000 €) prize for your future growth.


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About the
Pitch Competition

TechBBQ is thrilled to present the UrbanTech Pitch Competition, funded by the Realdania and made in collaboration with We Build Denmark, ConTech Lab, PropTech Denmark, Bloxhub and powered by Venture Cup Denmark!

This year, we are excited to showcase 8 remarkable UrbanTech startups as they take the stage to pitch their innovative ideas at TechBBQ 2024 Summit.

Who can apply?

Startups that:
  • Have an unique and promising startup based in Denmark
  • Have innovative product solutions with unique features
  • Are within UrbanTech
  • Are at seed stage < 2 mio. € in funding
  • Have gained market interest i.e scaling & becoming established
Note: applications are not open to consultancies, agencies, developers, marketing/advertising agencies, or public companies.

Is this for you?

That's an easy - YES!

Are you based in Denmark or otherwise connected to the Danish ecosystem? Apply to exhibit your solutions! Not connected to Denmark but would love to join? Get in touch!

Man cycling on a bike lane by a park with pedestrians and parked bikes in the background.

Video Submission

We highly recommend you to upload a video. The video must not exceed 1 minute in duration and should be in English.


Please note that the video is not a pitch video. The video is a PRODUCT/SERVICE DEMO meaning that you must showcase your product/service/process/technology using the technical details and guide below.

Technical requirements:

• Landscape: Horizontal
• Quality: HD (the higher the quality, the better)
• Sound: Clear sound, minimize background noise
• Video: A maximum of 1 minutes and in English

Please use this format (roughly):
• Introduce your startup name and one-liner (20 sec)
• Show your product/service/process/technology (Important that you focus on good quality video in this part and that it is showing your solution, not just you talking (30 sec)
• Outro (10 sec)

• Have a product? Show that beauty!
• Have a digital solution? Record your screen!
• Have a service/process? Show your screen/people using the service/doing that process!
• Have a secret? Tell us that you do, since the video will be used for promotional purposes at the award show, online and after the competition.

Newer phones can take good video but REMEMBER to film landscape/horizontal! Macbooks have iMovie, where you can edit your video and Windows computers have a Video Editor.

Timeline & Agenda

Applications open:
May 1st, 2024

Deadline to apply:
June 3rd, 2024

Selected startups announced:
July 31st, 2024

Final pitch during Summit: September 11th, 2024


Is it free to apply and participate?

Yes. Though if you are selected to pitch on stage, you will need to travel to Copenhagen (your ticket to TechBBQ is covered).

Is the video submission mandatory in the application?

No, but we HIGHLY recommend you upload of a video of maximum 1 minute and in English. DON’T PUT SUBTITLES ON THE VIDEO.

What is the prize?

There will be a monetary prize. Additionally, there will be second and third places, although these prizes do not include a monetary award.

Will there be pitch training?

Yes. All finalists must partake in mandatory pitch training provided by TechBBQ to assist your preparation.

What is the pitch timeframe on stage?

Each startup pitch will be 2 minutes followed by a 3 minute Q&A with the judging panel.

Can everyone within UrbanTech participate?

Applications are open to all Danish CVR-based UrbanTech startups that meet the criteria described above. However, consultancies, agencies, developers, marketing/advertising agencies, or public companies are not eligible to apply.

Judging Criteria

Startups will be judged on each of the following 4 criteria which will be scored from 1 (low) to 10 (high):


• Is the idea clear, coherent and well thought out?

• Is it based on relevant knowledge from own experience, education, research, or work experience?

• It should be clear what makes the idea innovative and how it combines knowledge with new or existing solutions to create new solutions in the form of new behavior and/or new products, processes, or services.

• It should be clear how the business idea and its implementation differ from competing solutions, products, or services.


• It is plausible that there is a need, users, paying customers, and a market (however the size) – including an international one, if possible.

• It is plausible that a financially sustainable business/not-for-profit can be established.

• The business idea should have the potential to create value for Denmark or internationally through economic growth and/or by solving significant societal challenges including environmental and societal challenges.

• Any potential impact on society should be sufficiently described and explained.


• The team should have relevant and diverse experience and abilities for realizing the business idea. Furthermore, there should be a realistic plan for how the team intends to address a potential lack of abilities.

• The business idea must be realistic and possible to implement in practice (technically and in terms of regulation).

• Does the team have a clear plan for implementation (time to market) of the idea with a realistic budget?

Thank you for your interest!