We are in a state of hyper-connectivity and entanglement, with new technologies, companies, and complexities unfolding across the world, driving and shaping the pace and scope of the events we experience as founders. Our daily lives as founders are a connected patchwork of overlapping elements – from the relationships we forge in our ecosystems through to the devices we use and now, as we know, the complexity of geopolitical affairs. With 8 billion people on this earth, now more than ever, we need to harness the idea that the choices we make, and the endeavours we pursue can create waves beyond our immediate entrepreneurial worlds and open up new realms of opportunity; technologically, socio-politically, environmentally and in business building. The Founder journey is hardly ever linear, and instead is an entangled mix of hard choices, opportunities and “push-and-pulls” all with impacts we have to be ready for. Through the use of technology, sharing of ideas and leaning in to what’s available to us we can build a sustainable future together, not apart. Our decisions have the potential to go off the beaten track and make incremental, yet far-reaching impact. So let’s immerse ourselves in this entangled startup ecosystem at TechBBQ. Let’s master how to navigate an entangled world whilst also seeking to untangle the complexities of the wild founder journey. At TechBBQ, you are never more than 6 degrees of separation away from a potential solution. This, is entanglement.



With more than 8 billion people now on the planet & as we live in a progressively tech-enabled world, it is critical that as Founders and ecosystem players we continue to build towards more dignified lives for people, locally and globally. The social element of our lived experiences extends beyond just the relationships we forge as entrepreneurs, but includes all these ‘moving parts’ that enable a healthy landscape in which to thrive as social beings. From building startups revolutionising access to healthcare through to creating inclusive work cultures and understanding the impacts of policy on entrepreneurship; how do we shape an equitable world where no one is left behind? As entrepreneurs, VCs, ecosystem builders and beyond; let’s understand our unique potential to empower the people around us and make decisions that lead to fair and sustainable societies.



[Insert a doomsday headline about the climate crisis here]…We are living in a time where our collective fate is in a constant state of determination; “By 2050 x, y and z will occur” or “We have 7 years until the point of no return”. These predictions could become facts, but only if we don’t act now to change the course of our own future that is paved with scary headlines. Whilst it seems that our past is catching up to haunt us, we have equally never been more equipped with the founders, innovative passion & technology to challenge what lies ahead. HABITAT is all about finding the actionable solutions to thrive and survive, as a people, natural ecosystem and planet so that we don’t become a lesson in the history books of tomorrow’s societies.        



This year may as well have been synonymous with “instability”: we’ve seen the crash of FTX, global inflation is sky-high, and the scale of layoffs felt more close to home than ever in our startup ecosystems. And yet, we’re all still here. Whether we said goodbye to businesses, managed to scale impressively in these unprecedented times or simply just survived; TechBBQ is here to talk about it. Business-Scapes will asses the landscapes directly impacting how we build businesses from head-to-toe. Our experts will guide you through the state of our markets and economy, the practical know-how of your first hire, and navigating the changing VC landscape. It’s imperative we first conquer the fundamentals of the who, what, when, where & why in building business so that one small step turns into a giant, (collective) leap for humankind.



Technology and Science combined, are the single biggest drivers of change; from the local everyday to globalised, shared experiences. Informed by the challenges we see, feel and hear about – innovations in these spaces have the ability to make tectonic shifts in our worlds and influence what futures will look like. The effects of some breakthroughs will be incremental and niche whilst others will have the potential to challenge the status quo as we know it. So what are they? What’s already here and what do we know about them? Is GenerativeAI going to take over the world?What’s changed since we saw you last? This theme hones in on the technology and science behind the innovative companies of our rapidly changing world and what they mean moving forward.