Program Themes

Mental Health

In our struggle for success, it is often easy to neglect our greatest asset:our health. However, the science is clear — maintaining health and balance in a startup is vital for prosperity, which is why this year at TechBBQ we’re bringing it to the forefront.

We want to inspire and challenge every play-er in the ecosystems to integrate the Nordic values of a work-life balance that is smart, sane, and sustainable. From tech implementation to guided meditation, in this track you will find content specially curated to help you better understand and connect with yourself and the environment around you at every level: mind, body, and spirit.


Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Governments, startups, universities, and corporations to name a few, all have a part to play in fostering a progressive tech ecosystem. How can they interact and support each other in order to make that happen?

In this track, we will bring all of the pieces together on stage and find out how we can strengthen connections, identify barriers to collaboration, and implement structures that will build better ecosystems..


How does a startup go from concept to colossal in the blink of an eye? How can you hack your growth to be fast and forceful, while keeping control of your vision?

Investment culture and the startup landscape have both changed, and with this shift comes controversy: companies are looking to stay private longer to maintain control over their vision, without sacrificing the funds they need to grow. What benefits does this system have?

Could there be a better way? In this track, you’ll get inspiration from the best in the business about how you can responsibly scale your venture to reach the summit of your potential.

Global Conservation

Our world is changing and people are changing with it. What can we do to make our planet and ourselves better for future generations?

There is a great deal of exciting progress taking place in how we understand and work at vastly different scales: from the fields, to the oceans, to the skies… even to Mars and beyond.

At every level, startups are paving the way to make the world a better place to thrive. From micro to macro, this track will focus on developing technologies and ideas that are fostering a brighter future — for everyone.

Emerging Technologies

How do we build the future? We need daring founders with the ideas and tech to match their ambition, and TechBBQ wants you to immerse yourself in their bold vision.

The latest technological advancements are gaining recognition for their potential to revolutionize our world in ways we never thought possible.

For this track, TechBBQ will bring on stage the entrepreneurs that are breaking down the barriers that will make “someday” today.