Main Theme

A childlike curiosity for the things we don’t yet know, but are dedicated to exploring. A drive to navigate and shape the future we envision for the world. This year’s theme is all about harnessing and re-embracing the very core of what makes us human: our curiosity, and drive to discover. We are emerging into a time where developments in our past and present are provoking questions about our future - whether that be COVID-19, Web 3.0 or the climate. We have the compass, but we don’t quite know yet where it will lead us. TechBBQ is the place to figure that out together. Let’s collect our learnings, explore new partnerships, and build the businesses that are taking us there. Come and experience a new chapter of TechBBQ, embrace the moment of self and collective discovery so you can leave feeling prepared to take that leap forward.

Sub Themes

We have all heard there is no “Planet B”, so what is the current and future state of our “Planet A”? This theme acknowledges that we are all accountable for the shaping of the one world that we do have, politically, environmentally, and socially. Today more than ever are we seeing both socio-political and environmental impact goals becoming central to the way we think and act as people, consumers, founders, CEO’s or investors. We live in a world of entanglement so when we talk about the current, and future state of the world we must consider all the facets that are influential in shaping it. One World is all about how we can build impactful businesses & make informed decisions that make a difference across the board.

“How were people able to create these complex structures that were also able to stand the test of time?” These are the questions humanity is still asking thousands of years later after the many-millennia-old Pyramids were built. Now apply this kind thinking to the latest SaaS company, or a founder who is killing the recruitment game. This theme looks at the building blocks of startup life where we’ll explore the challenges, solutions and opportunities that arise when trying to build successful companies and new ventures. From prototyping and raising cash all the way through to recruitment and hindsight - we’ve got you covered so you feel confident taking that leap forward.

In short: how do we shape, and in turn, how are we shaped by technology? This theme looks at the big movements and changes in technology and questions the impact this has on how we navigate our experiences. Simultaneously, we must acknowledge that Technology doesn’t just happen to us. We have a role in ideating, creating and introducing these mechanisms into the world. That is the cycle of life for the Technosapien. From biohacking, through to meditation apps, NFT’s, and beyond. At TechBBQ 2022, we are talking about the nuanced implications of the tech world on our human experience and how we choose to move through the world— or do we?

Who are the pioneers of our age? Who are the people disrupting the industry, or challenging the way that we, as a people, see the world in front of us? At TechBBQ we love to celebrate the movers and shakers who are provoking the status quo, and are asking us all to think a little differently. This theme is all about harnessing world-shaking developments and understanding the implications of disruptive ideas, conversations & technologies. We’ll be taking a look at those who have disrupted global industries with ground-breaking ideas and see how we can learn from them to make more game-changing developments in the Nordics and beyond.

Previous Speakers


We are looking for new voices to join our program for TechBBQ 2022!

Each year we present more than 100 of the most influential and inspiring speakers, and now we want to hear from you, our wider TechBBQ community.

Have you been inspired by someone this year? Do you know someone who would make a captivating addition to the program? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we would love to hear from you!

UPDATE: We have recieved many amazing applications this year and our team is currently curating the program and panel discussions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any more applications for TechBBQ 2022!

The TechBBQ Team