On Day 0 - prior to TechBBQ Summit on September 10th - we invite all investors to the exclusive Nordic Investor Day where 700 attendees will mix & mingle and prepare for the coming days.

Meet your next syndication partner, catch up with everyone you know and engage in current topics.


Nordic Investor Day will be held in the historical building Eigtveds Pakhus right alongside the harbour and the canals of Copenhagen. Eigtveds Pakhus was built in the year 1750, and got its name from Frederiksstaden’s famous architect, Nicolai Eigtved. It was used as a warehouse up until 1976. Since then, it has been rebuilt for meetings and conferences. It will be the perfect setup for networking and making connections.

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Nordic Investor Day
2023 Program

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Nordic Investor Day is a great opportunity to support and engage with the investor community & ecosystem. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about the opportunities.

Michael Bak

Head of Investor Relations

Email: mba@techbbq.org

Other Investor Activities

During the two days of the TechBBQ Summit (September 11 & 12), there will be a number of activities aimed at you as investors, to enhance your experience and make sure you can be as efficient as possible when visiting TechBBQ!

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