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FAQ & Venue Information

At the Venue

Lokomotivværkstedet is accessible by public transport, walking, biking, car, and taxi. The address is Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen. Click here to find it on Google Maps. 

Public transport – Plan your trip with public transport at From Dybbølsbro Station, it’s about a 15 minute walk down the street to the venue.

Cycling – Arrive like a local and use the bicycle stands nearby the entrance.

Car parking – Public parking spaces will be available in the area with the option to buy parking tickets using the three vending machines on the site or using the Easypark app (area code 3018). The area is operated and owned by DSB properties / Apcoa.

NOTE: Lokomotivværkstedet will have limited parking spots. We recommend you to take public transportation to Dybbølsbro Station. You can also find parking spots at Fisketorvet close by. Fisketorvet offers the first 2 hours/per day for free.

Upon arrival at Lokomotivværkstedet, you will see the Check In tent out the front. Here you can collect your name badge/lanyard and wristband that grants you access to TechBBQ 2023. Have this on you at all times.

Check In opening hours:
9:00 – 18:00 on Wednesday 11th
9:00 – 18:00 on Thursday 12th

Got a question during the event? You will see the Info Desk as soon as you walk inside Lokomotivværkstedet.

Info Desk opening hours:
8:00 – 18:00 on Wednesday 11th
8:00 – 18:00 on Thursday 12th 

The wardrobe is located outside on your right hand side after the check in tent. It is offered free of charge and will be staffed during all opening hours.

Wardrobe opening hours:
8:00 – 20:00 on Wednesday 11th
8:00 – 20:00 on Thursday 12th

We encourage you to take a photo of your ticket number just in case. TechBBQ is not responsible for items left in the Wardrobe.

The event is accessible for wheelchair users.

Please note that this historical building has layout quirks from its original use as a train workshop. While large sections are flat, some sections are not.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome.

Purchases of food and beverage can be made by card (no cash).

We will have food options available to purchase both inside and outside. Catering is not included with your ticket. Purchases of food and beverage can be made by card (no cash).

Table Reservation

Accepted meetings on our online event platform will be allocated a table at the Matchmaking Area. It’s not possible to reserve a table without matching on the platform first.

There will be a limited number of free-to-use workspaces (with power outlets) by the windows overlooking The Garden.

We want everyone to feel safe and secure at TechBBQ. If you see something, please say something.

In the case of any security related issues, please notify our staff at the Info Desk or the closest security personnel (security will be located at the entrance and inside the event).

Our security personnel is trained for basic first aid and can contact first responders in the case of something more severe.

112 is the number for the emergency services in Denmark. In case of an emergency, please ring that number and alert staff at the Info Desk who can help clear the way.

If you lose or find something during the event, please go to the Info Desk and our team will log it.

You can contact TechBBQ after the event via

You can contact Lokomotivværkstedet after the event via

Yes, Lokomotivværkstedet has free Wi-Fi (access details on your name badge).

It is not allowed to smoke e-cigarettes or tobacco products indoors. Any smoking must take place outside where there will be designated smoking areas.

The good times won’t end when the day program finishes! More information to come soon.



A brief overview of the venue and event can be found on About The Event.

The full program will be made available on our event platform two weeks before TechBBQ. This will also be shown on a designated program page on our website.

You can find the venue map on our event platform, which is set to launch two weeks before TechBBQ.

No. Should circumstances change, TechBBQ will comply with any requirements and update ticket holders accordingly.

Copenhagen Airport is located at Kastrup, which is only 8km from the city centre. For an overview of transport options, including metro and trains, click here.

By taxi, it takes around 20-30 minutes to get to the city centre and costs around 250-350 DKK, depending on the traffic.

Bring your smartphone (so you can utilize our event app) and a reusable water bottle (to fill up at the water stations).

A laptop can be brought if you need to work, but there are limited work stations.

Some partners will be hosting official side events during the week of TechBBQ! This program will be announced 3-4 weeks prior to TechBBQ.

Yes. All side events have a separate registration that is decided by their organiser.

General enquiries can be emailed to For specific contacts, check out About Us.


Online Event Platform

We 100% recommend it!  Brella will help you have the best event experience, with its AI-based matchmaking tool and full overview of the TechBBQ program. Keep in mind, 90% of meetings are booked via our event platform before TechBBQ even begins!

Two weeks prior to TechBBQ 2023. Ticket holders will be invited onto the platform to set up their profile.

Our event platform is powered by Brella. You can download Brella for your smartphone here.

Yes. The full TechBBQ program will become available on the schedule tab on our event platform.

Yes. While most attendees will be in-person, you can connect with anyone on our event platform.



The VAT added to each order works in compliance with the laws of the country in which the event takes place. A ticket to TechBBQ will be subject to Danish VAT. The standard VAT rate is 25% in Denmark.

Yes. Instructions on how to change the ticket allocation are included in your ticket confirmation email.

Yes, you can buy a ticket (or multiple tickets) and assign it (or them) later.

Yes, one ticket is valid for only one person. You can transfer the ticket to another person, but by doing so, you, yourself, will no longer be a ticket holder.

It is not possible get a ticket for just one day. Tickets can be used by the ticket holder on both days of the event.

Yes. If you buy more than one ticket, you are responsible for assigning tickets to group members of your choosing. We require all tickets to be assigned before the event to be able to communicate all the information and make the right badge during check in.

Stalls are not included in the price of the ticket. The exhibition area is reserved for:

a) Our partners (if you want to explore our partnership options, you can contact our team here);
b) Startups that apply and are selected to showcase via our Startup Program. The selected startups will be assigned slots in the exhibition area. Applications for the Startup Program will open soon, so keep an eye on our social media channels.

The following information will be printed on your badge: 

  • Your ticket type (e.g: Startup, Investor, General Pass)
  • Your name
  • Your job position
  • You company’s name

A Ticket Holder is eligible for a refund of the ticket cost they paid, if they have a change of mind within 7 days of purchase. Please note the processing fees for purchasing tickets are non-refundable. A request for a refund must be emailed to The money will be refunded to the same source from which the ticket was purchased. Additional service fees may be applicable.

After these 7 days, your tickets have become non-refundable. However, you can change the name of your ticket allocation to a colleague, client, or friend.

The exception to the above policy is that no tickets are eligible for a refund if purchased within 14 days prior to the TechBBQ event.


Code of Conduct


Both the company and the individuals we represent—our employees, partners,speakers, and other attendees at our events and users of our services —are expected to uphold the highest standards as members of the TechBBQ community. As integral parts of the TechBBQ global community, we are obliged to act justly and respectfully at all times. Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct may lead to removal from the TechBBQ community and/or organization. The Code of Conduct applies equally to online as well as in person conduct.

Values: The TechBBQ Code of Conduct revolves around three key values:

1. We believe in openness, trust and free idea sharing.

2. We believe in inclusion, equal opportunity and collaboration.

3. We believe in community strength and sustainable growth and development.

Integrity: TechBBQ employees are expected to act ethically and honestly, upholding the highest integrity in the performance of their duties. Transparency in all communications is a priority, as our reputation as a trusted company is our most valuable asset. It is the collective responsibility of every member to continually earn and maintain that trust.

Privacy Policy: Our community entrusts us with personal information, and we employ all appropriate measures to secure it. We respect requests for privacy and confidentiality, and our privacy policy is outlined for reference.

Anti-discrimination: Unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of various characteristics is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee or community member violating this Code of Conduct.

Anti-Racism: A zero-tolerance policy for racism is in place, and endorsement or perpetuation of racism may lead to immediate dismissal. Failure to stand up against racism may also be considered a violation of the code of conduct in certain Circumstances.

Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying: Discrimination, harassment, and bullying in any form, whether verbal, physical, or visual, are strictly prohibited. Any instance should be reported promptly for thorough investigation and appropriate action.

Equal Opportunity & Fair Pay: Employment is based solely on individual merit, and fair pay for equal work is ensured without regard to various protected characteristics.

Responsiveness: Keeping promises and responding to inquiries and concerns promptly are integral to maintaining trust.

Conflicts of Interest: Employees and community leaders commit to avoiding conflicts of interest that could benefit them personally at the expense of the TechBBQ Community.

Supportive Work &  Event Environment: Creating a workplace and event environment that is supportive, open, and welcoming, free from harassment, bias, and discrimination, is crucial. It is essential for all participants to facilitate an atmosphere where every community member can freely express themselves with the expectation of being heard and respected.

Avoid Gossip: Speaking negatively about others is discouraged, and constructive feedback is encouraged to be provided directly to the concerned individual or Company.

No Means No: Respect for ‘no´; as an answer or decision is emphasized.

Diversity: Encouraging diversity and striving for equal representation are our foundational values. We are committed to diversity and this commitment guides various aspects of our decision making, including speaker invitations, startup selections, leadership appointments, and hiring.

Accountability: Keeping commitments, respecting legal agreements, and rectifying any failure to fulfill obligations are integral to accountability.

Safe Workplace: A violence-free work environment is maintained at all times, and any form of violence or threat is not tolerated.

Drugs & Alcohol: While alcohol consumption is not banned, good judgment and appropriate behavior are expected to be maintained at events. Substance abuse, illegal drugs, and underage drinking are strictly prohibited.

Stand Up: Appropriate intervention is expected when witnessing violations of the Code of Conduct.

Conclusion: TechBBQ is a human-first company, relying on good judgment to uphold a high standard of integrity. Everyone at TechBBQ is expected to represent the values and abide by this Code of Conduct. Violations may result in disciplinary action, including termination, and if warranted, legal proceedings. This Code outlines fundamental principles, policies, and procedures governing how the business is run. If a Code of Conduct violation is witnessed, it should be reported to TechBBQ Leadership. Questions or concerns can be directed to managers or TechBBQ Leadership. In case of suspected legal violations, these should be reported to TechBBQ Leadership or a government agency.

DEFINITION OF HARASSMENT: Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

● Verbal comments reinforcing social structures of domination

● Lewd, lascivious, demeaning, or derogatory comments

● Unwelcome discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity

● Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following

● Harassing photography or recording (audio or video)

● Sustained disruption of talks or other events

● Inappropriate physical contact

● Unwelcome sexual attention, including any specific activity for which consent

was not requested and given

● Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior

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