TechBBQ 2021
Frequently Asked Questions



TechBBQ 2021 will be held at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District. The address is Halmtorvet 11, 1700 København

Øksnehallen is easily accessible by car, taxi, public transit, walking, or biking. The building is located less than 10 min. walk from CPH Central Station and 5 min. walk from CPH Metro Station.

Our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Code of Conduct are all available at the bottom of our homepage.

Tickets can be refunded until the 6. september 2021

The TechBBQ 2021 Summit will take place on the 16th and 17th of September from 9:00 to 18:00.

You can refund your ticket. Click the refund button in your confirmation email from Ticketbutler.

Refund the physical ticket and buy a streaming pass instead.

The local car park is located in the heart of DGI Byen.

No. The area in front and around the hall is a conservation area and parking is accordingly prohibited. Parking is available at the local car park behind Øksnehallen.

The hall is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Yes, TechBBQ will have it’s own WiFi with a dedicated password for all attendees.

It is not allowed to smoke e-cigarettes or ordinary tobacco products indoors in Øksnehallen. All smoking must take place outside. Indoor smoking or the use of illegal drugs results in expulsion.

If you have lost or forgotten something at TechBBQ Summit, please write to and we will investigate whether it has been found.

You can change the information on the given ticket. This is done through the confirmation email from Ticketbutler.


Event Questions

Yes, both inside and outside in our food court

Bring your smartphone so you can utilize our event app Brella. Laptop can be brought if you need to work at the event. There will be chaging areas in the venue. We also encourage you to bring your own water bottle, which can be filled up at the water stations.

From September 10, Denmark will lift all domestic restrictions related to COVID-19. This means that attendees will no longer need to show a coronavirus certificate to enter the TechBBQ Summit 2021.

We will continue to observe all health authority recommendations, and will have an extra focus on basic hygiene practices throughout Øksnehallen, such as extra surface cleaning and easily accessible disinfectant dispensers.

Link to news release.


Brella Questions

Brella is the leading event platform for virtual, physical, and hybrid events.

Download the app and follow the steps

We highly encourage you to download the app, in order to get the best experience of TechBBQ 2021.

The platform will open 14 days before the event, so you can pre-bbok meetings and bookmark sessions. The platform will close after TechBBQ Summit the 18-09-2021