Developers Corner

TechBBQ is excited to introduce our Developers Corner, this area is our way to bridge the digital divide between market and talented individuals.

This corner will highlight emerging technologies and help talented individuals to network with each other as well as startups seeking to recruit new employees.

The Developers Corner consists of a technical stage and showcasing area which will include developer-focused talks and showcases on: talent development; trends in high tech products, services and Enablements; and integration of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) communities in Denmark.

We’re excited to be hosting Microsoft’s AI & Computer Vision Hackathon!
Participants will get to experience building solutions with computer vision.
Microsoft will provide participants with access to technology and coaches to help them explore the amazing capabilities of AI and Computer Vision.

During the Hackathon, participants will get access to Azure Cognitive Services and learn to easily train their own image classifiers with and explore the Azure Machine Learning service for prepping, training and deploying their models.

Microsoft will also host a workshop designed to help you streamline your website by building a chatbot that can respond to questions quickly and effectively.

The Azure Bot Service, combined with Microsoft QnA Maker, will provide the tools developers need to build and publish intelligent bots that interact naturally with users using a range of services.