CTO Track Schedule & Line-up

This year we are bringing together some of the brightest minds in tech to discuss technology trends and delve into some honest questions: How do CTOs drive a company’s vision? How do CTOs change their focus from product management to people management? 


Our schedule includes:

Workshop: Emerging Tech Trends and their Usability

Thursday 19. September 2019
14:00 – 14:45

Stage Room, Warehouse 9 · CloudTech


Success doesn’t happen overnight, and for this reason we have decided to bring together CTOs in a new track dedicated to all of you who want to hear more about use cases on emerging tech trends. 



Troels Liebe Bentsen, CTO at Connected Cars 

Jan Flora, CTO at Penneo


Keynote #1

IoT at Scale – Troels Liebe Bentsen, CTO at Connected Cars 

Description:  The keynote explores the challenges of building and scaling an IoT company. Troels will take you through Connected Cars’ journey, from business case to managing misguided expectations and vendors not delivering on their promises, to getting the right people in and building the team that helped develop Connected Cars.


Keynote #2

Will cloud computing nirvana be serverless? – Jan Flora, CTO at Penneo 

Description: How does serverless and other cloud computing service models fit into the real world of operational complexity and security and compliance requirements? This is a story about, how we leverage the powers of the cloud at Penneo.

Workshop: CTO Roundtable Session

Thursday 19. September 2019
15:00 – 15:45

Forsamlingshuset  ·  Networking

A series of CTOs will be mentors for round table discussions.


Description: It takes a village to get there, and for this reason we are setting up a networking opportunity amongst CTOs and tech-savvy attendees who want to engage in meaningful conversations and discussions around tech trends and challenges.


Line-up mentors:

Jan Flora – CTO: Penneo

Ole Dallerup – CTO & Co-founder: Dreamdata.io

Morten Bo Rønsholdt – CTO & Co-founder: eTilbudsavis

Stefan Polexe – CEO: Novoresume

Martin Pronk – CTO: Queue-it

Catalin Ionut Miclea – CTO: Grandhood 

Panel Discussion: The CTO Role – Setting the Vision and Strategy for Success

Thursday 19. September 2019
16:30 – 17:00
Engagement Stage · Growth

Description: How are CTOs driving a company’s vision? For 25 minutes we will engage in conversation about driving technology visions and acquiring suitable skilled resources to create valuable companies with cutting edge technology and product offerings.

Amandeep Midha – Principal Developer at BEC – Moderator
Anne Sofie Nielsen – Digital Innovator, Leader, Speaker, Mom, Ninja
Martin Andersen – VP of Engineering at Trustpilot
Jan B Lillelund – CTO at IBM Denmark

Project Manager: Alexandra Ciobotaru, Business Development Lead at Queue-it


Alexandra works in business development for a tech start-up in Copenhagen. She is actively involved in promoting Women in Tech and female leadership initiatives and she has been nominated for Business Leader of the Year Award in 2018. Through her professional experiences, she advocates for knowledge sharing and has started an outbound sharing circle for the tech scene in Copenhagen. She is working on different initiatives meant to help the business community, including panel discussions & workshops on AI, automation, and future of work, and now she joined TechBBQ to help launch the new CTO track.