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TechBBQ 2017

September 5th and 6th in Copenhagen

TechBBQ is the quintessential and largest startup and innovation summit in Denmark gathering 3000 passionate people at the venue Øksnehallen in the heart of Copenhagen.

Meet your future customer, investor, co-founder, employer or employee. Explore new technologies and the companies that make them a reality and give yourself the opportunity to get that one special meeting, the one you did not know you needed.

Listen to inspirational speakers from all over the world, get to know the angels and the VCs in the Investor Corner, look for talent or jobs, talk to an old friend or have a beer with someone you just met. Once a year, in Copenhagen, we gather everyone, for one day, with one goal: To explore opportunities together.

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The most prominent Danish and international entrepreneurs and tech gurus.

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In the summer of 2012 a small group of people sat together and decided that something was missing in the Copenhagen/Danish/Greater Copenhagen/Southern Scandinavian startups scene: our own conference. We needed the flagship event, where once a year, we would all meet up to celebrate success, learn from failure and explore relations across companies, functions and borders. All healthy startup eco-systems has their flagship event - also to makes sure that at least once a year the international investors are flying in to meet up and take the temperature on what is going on. That event we wanted to create.

First time we ran the event, we did it with 300 people at a location we could borrow for free, the beer we also got for free, the food was on a very special discount and the technology to run the event had it's issues - but there was a great sensation in the crowd, and it clearly showed the need for TechBBQ (yes, it's not a great name, but that's the best we could come up with ...). Now we can soon welcome almost 2,000 people at the magnificent Opera House in Copenhagen, dozens of VC's are present and everybody else is there as well.

From the beginning we had a few principles, that we believe are an important foundation for our success:

- The event will be owned by a foundation - it should belong to the community, and we should not earn money on it
- We want to protect the stage - it is not possible to pay to get on the program, we want quality
- We want a core part of the program to be related to our region - it's great to see successful American entrepreneurs, but it is often more inspiring to listen to the kid from Køge who made it big in London
- We need to have all stakeholders mixed together - entrepreneurs, leaders, startup employees, politicians, corporates, investors, etc. - but the key stakeholder for us, are those that are,or aspire to be, building and running tech based startups
- It has to be fun - it's great to learn, but we all need a good laugh as well
- We are happy to have helped our region to have a great event, and we hope you all will help to continue to make it better for every year.


Klaus Nyengaard
Steering Committee

David Helgason
Steering Committee

Camilla Ley Valentin
Steering Committee

Pia Ella Elmegård
Steering Committee

Esben Gadsbøll
Steering Committee

Avnit Singh

Troels Jørgensen


Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack

Christian Stadil

Peter Mühlmann

Jimmy Maymann

Morten Primdahl

Jesper Løvendahl

Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack

Ulla is Managing Partner in venture capital fund SEED Capital based in Copenhagen and has 15 years of VC experience.
She has worked as a management consultant at McKinsey prior to joining game developer startup IO Interactive, creator of the Hitman series and founding the web shop Harburi. Having experienced the struggles of a startup founder first hand her entrepreneurial drive runs deep. Ulla looks for driven, ambitious entrepreneurs, who are willing to go the extra mile in return for a successful venture. When Ulla meets entrepreneurs who are willing to do that, she is too. Her portfolio companies include Orderyoyo, Amminex ET and Expanite. She has a wide-reaching network within venture, media and the political sphere.

”It is immensely important that we back valuable initiatives like TechBBQ in order for the rest of the world to discover the potential of the Danish startup scene. Events like these will help brand Denmark and our many successes and help attract foreign capital to promising Danish startups”

Jesper Løvendahl

Founder of Denmark’s largest international business network DABGO with over 11.000 members globally and 500 annual events. Founder & CEO of ExpatRide International, a global provider of car services to expats. Advisory Board member and Goodwill Ambassador at Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps an organization founded to attract talents, investments, jobs and tourism to Copenhagen. Jesper has due to a decade of pro bono work for Denmark been included in "Kraks Blå Bog" because of his achievements.

"It's not who you know, or who knows you. It's all about who and how many you have helped"

Jimmy Maymann

Jimmy is the EVP & President of Content & Consumer Brands at AOL.
As President of Content and Consumer Brands at AOL, Jimmy leads AOL’s portfolio of content brands, as well as AOL's content strategy and OTT operations, which altogether reach a global audience of around ​400 million unique visitors every month.

Prior to joining AOL, Jimmy co-founded GoViral, an early innovator in online video production and distribution, developing video advertising platforms able to track, distribute and host video ads across multiple sites online. With Maymann’s guidance the company evolved from being primarily involved in video production to focusing on platform development, allowing it to rapidly scale its operations. Since joining AOL, Jimmy has served in several roles including Senior Vice President of International and most recently as CEO of the Huffington Post, where he has made international expansion​, ​profitable growth, and improved video operations ​his​ three key priorities.

Jimmy is a graduate of the University of Odense in Denmark with degrees in Economics and International Marketing and has an Executive MBA from London Business School.

Why is it important to you to support a Danish entrepreneurship event such as TechBBQ?
As a fellow Dane and entrepreneur, it's important for me to show my support for the emerging talent coming out of Denmark. As one of the largest startup and innovation summits in Copenhagen, TechBBQ is an exciting forum to explore new technologies and ideas, and meet with today's up-and-coming tech professionals.

What are your best tips for networking for the entrepreneurs who come to TechBBQ for the first time?
My advice for first time TechBBQ entrepreneurs would be to come with an open mind and not hold back from asking questions and engaging with your peers. You never know who you'll be able to meet or have a conversation with, so it's best to use the time there to embrace the opportunity and make meaningful connections. Who might be meeting your future customer, investor, co-founder, employer or employee.

Morten Primdahl

Morten Primdahl co-founded Zendesk and has served as our Chief Technology Officer since August 2007.

He holds a Bachelors in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a Masters, Sci. IT. in computer science and information technology from the IT University of Copenhagen.

Why is it important to you to support a Danish entrepreneurship event such as TechBBQ?
A lot more great product should be coming out of Denmark. There’s talent, education, energy, security, great design and good resources. We need bigger and bolder products. Coming from Denmark it’s understandably hard to think at a global scale and it’s hard to imagine how things are done elsewhere and lastly it’s super hard to break the mold. By supporting TechBBQ there's an opportunity to help broaden peoples minds and to encourage entrepreneurs and investors from abroad to also come by and share their perspectives.

What are you best tip for networking for the entrepreneurs who come to TechBBQ for the first time?
Don’t worry. Just saying “hello” works.

Peter Mühlmann

Peter Mϋhlmann is founder and CEO of Trustpilot, a fast-growing tech startup looking to transform online consumer shopping experiences.

Founded in 2007, Trustpilot now provides more than 130,000 businesses with TrustScores based on 20 million customer reviews. Peter has expanded the company from 1 to 500+ employees with offices in New York, London, Melbourne, Berlin and Copenhagen.

He was named Danish Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2013, and in the same year Trustpilot won ‘Danish start-up of the year’ at Next Web’s European Startup Awards.

Christian Stadil

Christian Nicholas Stadil (born 1971) is a Danish business owner, founder, chairman, director, investor, author and an adjunct professor. Additionally, he is an active lecturer and talks internationally about management, branding, creativity, innovation and self-development. Christian is also an investor in the programme “Løvens Hule,” the Danish version of Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank.

Apart from being the owner and CEO of the conglomerate Thornico, which he founded together with his father Thor Stadil in the end of the 1990’ies, Christian is also the co-founder of and lead investor in a number of especially tech-based upstart companies such as e.g., the worlds biggest Tattoo platform. Moreover he sits on a variety of external boards and think tanks, for example Big Future 2025.

Why is it important to you to support a Danish entrepreneurship event such as TechBBQ?

I'm supporting TechBBQ because it's essentially a summit and platform that calls upon, inspires and motivates existing entrepreneurs to sustain and grow the business they're building today. Besides that, aspiring future entrepreneurs can be inspired to take the next step and build their own startup.

In order to break the zero-growth curve we're in today, it's an important prerequisite that more people start a business. Therefore, to be an entrepreneur must be considered a real, legitimate job and career opportunity equal to dentistry or law.
Moreover, it is necessary to launch and support startups and entrepreneurs who can innovate and think disruptive - and who want to bring new innovative products to market and optimise existing solutions.

In this matter TechBBQ can be an essential cornerstone in promoting entrepreneurship. Besides, TechBBQ is a highly relevant funding platform enabling investment opportunities as entrepreneurs, VC's and Business Angels can meet at the summit. There's no denying that funding is a fundamental challenge to every entrepreneur striving to build their own startup.

What are you best tip for networking for the entrepreneurs who come to TechBBQ for the first time?

1. Remember you have two ears and one month. Listen and ask. Everybody likes to be listened to - even big time hardcore VC’s and CEO’s. This is a good way to make the important emotional hook.

2. Have a professional attitude and an open mind. Smile and be friendly with a natural exterior. There are no good reasons to become insecure and wear an arrogant mask to hide behind. It will only backfire.

3. Be creative and make people remember you.

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